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In Game Screens of FFXIII & FFXIII Versus |

These games are coming along nicely, click the link at the bottom for all the scans. Me personally am more interested in FFXIII Versus at the moment. Something different in the final fantasy series. I like the dark tone of the game. But I wonder if they’ll be summons in versus.


New FFXIII + vs XIII HQ scans

Translation of Pages 1 and 2

Page 1
“Fabula Nova Crystallis”: a Latin phrase meaning “A New Crystal Story”.

The newest edition in the “Final Fantasy” series has developed into a huge project of unprecedented dimension. The highest peak of RPGs will carve out a new history.

Page 2

After about a year of silence, we deliver to you information about these two titles underdevelopment for the Playstation 3.

New characters are revealed one after another!

Created by a large force, Cocoon, the floating shell in which society was shut away. Enormous machines and life forms borne by the Crystal protect this place, and it prospered. Regarded as a symbol of peace, the Crystal chooses individuals, attributes them their fate, and has created a world where it’s will is carried out. And, she was chosen. As the species of enemy who would destroy the world. She speaks nothing of herself, she is simply, “Lightning”.

A project which encompasses multiple titles.

The 13th edition in the Final Fantasy series has developed into multiple titles. Collectively, they are called “Fabula Nova Crystallis”. Each game’s setting, characters, and system are different. However, there is some similarities in their mythologies, and discovering these in different ways in the different titles is one of this magnificent project’s most attractive elements. Three titles are in development, FFXIII, FFversusXIII, and FF Agito XIII. Regarding FFXIII, within this year video footage running on PS3s is scheduled to be released to the public. Let’s satiate your appetite with some more information!

  • ehandlr

    Can’t come soon enough…my most anticipated titles for any next gen system period…

  • same here, a lot of anticipation

  • mcloki

    D-Damn!. These all look like cut scenes. Fantastic Cut Scenes, but cut scenes none the less. This game can’t come out fast enough and even a demo would sell PS3’s.
    But with a rumoured Fall 2009 N American release, it may just be too far to the future to matter. But it does make me wonder what Level 5 and Atlus have up their sleeves.
    It funny, ironic, that the Sony PS3. Home of last generations RPG has such a dearth of Next Gen RPG’s. I can think of only 2 off the top of my head, Oblivion, and Enchanted Arms. Didn’t play the latter. Hopefully there will be afew RPG’s released in 2008 to help out with the wait.

  • ehandlr

    actually mcloki…the two images depicted above are in game real time images.

  • I will not conclude these are realtime images till I see a video of gameplay 🙂

  • No way.

  • if these are in game. Sony needs to put out a demo as soon as possible. At least show it at GDC, But I’m sure that they will be showing it at the Tokyo game show. These sots are different than the Resistance 2 shots a few days ago. These look too staged too be real. Or the camera has gotten very very smart.

  • ehandlr

    They have a playable demo planned this year.

    The FFXIII Versus world will be completely explorable with no loads or zoning. The world will be real time and huge. They stated they may have to reduce the size of the world due to it being too large.

    I think we are all in for a surprise here as far as graphics go. They showed in game images of Lightning for FFXIII with the action bar and everything with commands being input and it doesn’t look too far off from the CGI.

  • FFXIII and FFXIII Versus = multiple orgasms guaranteed!

    I can’t wait for these two games.