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Splinter Cell: Conviction Not Coming to PS3 | reports:

Ubisoft has confirmed to that Splinter Cell: Conviction, announced as a PC and Xbox 360 title, will not be coming to PS3 and will not be coming out on April 1, as previously rumoured.

Which is really too bad. I enjoyed playing a Splinter Cell game co-op with a friend of mine on his game cube and was hoping a Splinter Cell game with good co-op would make its way to the PS3 soon.

Ah well.

[via N4G]

Confirmed: Splinter Cell: Conviction not coming to PS3

  • Mike

    This is a Windows/Xbox exclusive just like BioShock. I haven’t been that impressed by the new premise of the game but then again Double Agent was actually better than I had expected it to be so who knows. That was the first game in the series where I actually found the plot somewhat interesting.

  • Gary

    I’ve never enjoyed ANY of the previous Splinter Cell games. I stopped taking any notice of them after the second one.

  • Burten

    THe only Spliter CEll I’ve played was on my cellphone.
    I’m more of a MGS player..