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Kart Attack |


Derrick sent this in a long time ago and I kept forgetting to post it. Sorry Derrick! Anyway, this looks to be a pretty accurate kart racing sim with some pretty good graphics:

Kart Attack is a brand new racing game destined for Xbox Live Arcade, the Playstation Network and Games for Windows – Live. This revolutionary title includes stunning next generation graphics surpassing those found in many AAA titles, and a driving model which is both easy to get to grips with and fun to play. Whether you’re challenging opponents online, trying to beat the stunningly intelligent AI characters or improving your own times at one of our exclusive themed circuits, you’re sure to have fantastic fun with the gaming sensation which is Kart Attack.

Let’s hope it has four player splitscreen!

Kart Attack


  1. derrickgott007

    We got beat to the punch on reporting this story…
    I sent this to you a month ago, and you still posted it one day after another site did….:(

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