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Long Live 160GB PS3 ??? |

The net is abuzz with rumours about the 80GB version of the PS3 being phased out in favour of a new 120GB to 160GB PS3. Rumours suggest that this new model will lose all PS2 backwards compatibility but will gain a DUALSHOCK 3 controller.

Lots of people are arguing in the forums about whether or not the discontinuation of the 80GB PS3 in the Best Buy database has any significance. For some reason, some people just don’t believe that this has any significance. I think it does, especially given the fact that Sony has submitted a new PS3 to the FCC for approval. I think that the 80GB is on its way out out OUT!

I don’t care that that the 80GB PS3 is going away, I just care about its replacement’s capabilities. I really like the 4 USB ports on my PS3 (for playing Rock Band), the memory stick support (for copying stuff), and the PS2 BC (which unlike some people, I use a lot).

So I hope that the new uber-PS3 still retains all that stuff that really makes it an uber-PS3 instead of just a 40GB PS3 with a bigger HDD. I already have all that stuff, I know, but if my PS3 dies three years from now, I hope that Sony’s still making a model that I’ll be able to enjoy.


Mole: 80GB PS3 dead, 120-160GB with Dual Shock 3 incoming

  • I really enjoy my 60GB PS3. The memory card slots, 4 usb ports, can play ps2 games, etc. I’d rather have my PS3 do all that, than have a PS2 out as well. I’m worried that way down the road, Sony won’t have a PS3 that can do the stuff the 60GB can ….. I’m very protective of my 60GB PS3 now ..

  • I like my 60 GB. I wouldn’t mind a 120 or 160 GB size, but I don’t think I really need the extra storage space; I’ve still got plenty.

  • Mike

    A lot of people seem to think that the phasing out of PS2 b/c is so Sony can sell PS2 games through their online store like they currently do now with PSOne games. They can’t do it right now because the PS2 continues to sell each month and you need the disc to play it on that system (play it legally, anyhow).

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a situation like this before, but Sony needs to start phasing out PS2 before it’s too late. The more that sells, the longer people who are just getting around to purchasing it now are going to wait on buying a PS3.

    They need to get some SKU at $299.99 at some point this year.

  • I actually have a 160GB hard drive in my 60GB PS3 Version 🙂

  • One thing those people are forgetting, Mike- how would the PS3 play those PS2 games (if that was the plan) when the backward compatibility is being removed?

    Now, I’m not too surprised about this jump up in drive size being a possibility considering the number of people that quiz up about upgrading the drive in various forums. What bothers me somewhat is this would be the 5th (or 6th if both sizes come out) iteration in the space of 1.5 years. Kinda looks like they are sticking it to us early adapters.

  • I don’t mind being a early adapter. In fact I’m very glad I did!

  • Mike, I don’t get your logic?!?

    You say, Sony cannot start selling PS2 games on PSN, because the retail version still sell well?

    Well anyhow… It pretty much does not matter, how big the HDD is, as long as it is not too small. The effectiveness in advertising is the problem at hand. As long as MS has a 120GB HDD on sale, Sony needs to follow in their footsteps. And since HDDs fall in price every day (120GB 2.5” SATA drives fell in price over 25% since last Fall and are now at 50€ enduser price in Germany, 40GB HDDs start at 38€… This premium is crazy^^) And wholesale is a complete different beast too^^

    Sony should start offering “official” HDD upgrades, since many users have no idea that it is possible to even upgrade the HDD.

  • Carl;)G

    If they release a new PS3 with-out PS2 B/C on it, it will be a very sad day :-/
    I’m just worried if my 60GB(it is 160GB now)can’t be repaired(if it broke down)will they give me a cr*py 40GB version? Don’t want a PS3 that can’t play my old PS2 games 🙁

  • Lyndon: I don’t care that Sony keeps releasing new models. It (partially) means that they’re decreasing the cost of each version, and can therefore start selling them for cheaper and/or making a profit. Both are important.

    I’m just worried that the new versions will be crappier than the original versions.

  • mcloki

    Hard drive size is irrelevant since you can upgrade the drive quite easily.
    With USB ports. Any peripheral can be added. Especially Media card readers. I have yet to use the media card reader in my machine. I forget that those port even exist. And now with programs like Medialink for the Mac to stream movies and photos, I can’t see a reason to ever use them. Remember as a network device the PS3 does not exist in a vacuum. it can link through UPnP to really be a media center. *See Sidenote. It won’t be long before we see digital cameras with built in wifi. Stream photo wirelessly to your screen, PS3 or Computer. You can do it through youtube right now on the PS3. Anyways. I’m not worried at all about crappier version of the PS3. They could build one with a 4 gig flash drive and 1 USB port. I can buy a USB hub and buy the extras I need, when and if I need them.

    *Sidenote: On my site cinzar dot com there is a method to transfer files from your Mac to your PS3. It’s days are numbered, I’ll be taking the site down soon. With programs like MediaLink for the Mac my method is outdated. And I’m actually glad for that. The PS3 is living up to it’s potential. I’d love it to be able to access and play files from the Itunes Media store, but this is close enough. Until Sony opens up their own media store. Medialink will do. Henning if you would like a review I can write one up but I’m not sure if there’s enough interest. If there is consider it done.
    Thanks for a great site.

  • Frankly I don’t like a lot of USB hubs and devices hanging off my PS3. I much prefer a cleaner look, so I like the fact that I have all that stuff built in.

  • GOLDen

    Two USB ports shoud be in the back of PS3 for even cleaner look

  • Kin9Schmoo

    Don’t really care. Got an original 60 GB with 120 GB Harddrive in it. By the time my PS3 breaks, the new ones out at the time should be $300 or less. If I care about playing PS2 games, ill buy me a PS2 which should be around $80-$100.

  • Just get a good NAS system like the Linkstation Live or whatever runs Twonkyvision^^ No need for USB stuff (and PCs can connect to it too, while the PS3 is connected)… Also, you cannot install games or patches onto the USB drives, so this option is rather “useless” imho (yeah, I doubt you need 20GB worth of demo and patch and install data at any given time, but the more the merrier)

  • mcloki

    I understand your aesthetic values, One possible way that Sony could get around it is to sell the media adapter as an add on. If Sony built the PS3 media adapter as an installed piece they could always sell a SKU with this piece left out. With the accompanied hole. And when you needed it you would buy it and slot it into place. This would reduce the cost of the unit but keep the functionality. Like adding an optical drive in a computer, the new media adapter would snap into place. Voila aesthetic solution. The USB on the back is a nice solution. The other solution that I just thought of was a wireless Network drive. It doesn’t hang off of the PS3. Wifi takes care of the storage. Not sure how slow it would be. But it would work. I think it would need a software upgrade. I’m not sure if the PS3 can be used as a wireless hub. I’ll look it up.

  • mcloki

    I looked it up and the PS3 can’t be used as a wireless router. But the PSP can connect to it remotely. I believe this is a software limitation introduced by Sony. Otherwise I would be using my PS3 and a wireless router. I guess if my proposed wireless hard drive solution were to work. the drive would have to come from Sony.

  • ehandlr

    I enjoy my 60 gig model with a 250 gig hard drive as of now. Lets just hope they don’t remove BC from the new model..they need at least one sku with BC.

  • same as ehandlr here 🙂