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PS Eye VR application |

This is pretty cool tech. Somebody has already done this with a Wii controller. Put this guy proved the PS3 can do it to. He used a PlayStation Eye and PS3 dev kit. He was even nice enough to release the code to the PS3 Developers Network. Hopefully we’ll see some cool games come out of this 🙂 Imagine being able to peak around corners in FPS games or even MGS.

  • Sporty

    That shows a lot of promise. I might have to pick up a Eye someday.

  • mcloki

    This plus a PS3 wiimote or “3mote” as I call it would be a great addition to the PS3. The type of visuals that would be possible and the new types of game play made possible would be great. It would also help stem the tide of people getting a wii.
    I honestly thin the wii is a gaming breakthrough but a graphic disappointment. Something like the “3mote” would solve the problem.
    I’d love to see a Level 5 game like Dark Cloud 3 use this type of scheme.
    Add this tech to GT5 and the realism of the experience would be astonishing.

    Hey GDC is coming up. You never know.

  • This tech is very much alike something that is already out there for some time. The only difference is that this implementation uses IR leds. The implementation I’m talking about comes from the game FIA-GTR developed by Simbim and published by 10Tacle. I used to work for one of the development studios of 10Tacle while GTR was under development. They had this technique that used a webcam to track head movements in game. In stead of the IR stuff they used reflective stickers that you could attach to a hat or a pair of glasses like the ones used in this demo.

  • Pelle

    That guy should have a medal for making it avaliable to the developers.