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Call of Duty 4 – Maps Incoming |

Call of Duty 4

The guys over at Activision are working hard on some new maps for the PS3. The maps will be available in spring on the PlayStation Network. No word if they’ll be free or not. But new maps are always welcome regardless. I really enjoy CoD4, I’m currently at level 55, and staying that way. Not interested in prestige mode, lol. I don’t have that much free time.

Looks like spring will be a exciting time for PlayStation 3 owners. New Call of Duty 4 Maps, Home is finally out, possible LittleBigPlanet beta, etc.


  • Awesome!

  • Trieloth

    Oh man this would be great. After killing ten thousand people Iam getting so freaking sick of the maps that are out now. Everything is getting WAY to predictible.

  • Trieloth

    Henning my avatar finally showed up Woot!! (five months later)

  • Emrah

    The game is now unplayable for me, without eu patch going alive. Tonight, 8 out of 9 times I hade a 1 bar connection (in the red, the worst, worthless, lag-meister..). So I couldn’t care less about new maps.

  • Franรงois

    I can`t rarely connect into a game. I get the “Downloading game setting” message and it stay there for hours. So I don’t want new map, I want a reliable way to quickly join a game online. When I have an hour in my evening to play games, I don’t want to wait 30 minutes to join a game… Anyone has the same issue?

  • chaosatom333

    I don’t have any problem connecting to cod4 nowdays. I had problem in the middle of december, but now it takes 1 or 2 mins. If not, then I quit the online screen and immediately go back in there to try again, then it picks a server. regarding the info, that’s awesome but I am wondering how many of them and how big are they.

  • GOLDen44

    Less then 10 seconds connecting.
    One of my friends not far from me can’t connect.
    Same as you Francois.

  • Emrah

    Francois, you may need to open up some ports on your NAT firewall, and forward them to your PS3. I don’t have the time to google it now but you can guess what keywords you need..

    Most people don’t need it, but I read that it works for some people on

  • gary

    I think it needs a really big snipers map. Or something similiar to a battlefield 2 map.

  • ^^^ Hello Gary. ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜†

    I’m bored of CoD4 online, I haven’t played it for nearly a month and have rarely played with my clan mates due to the lack of a mute option for other players, crap excuse for a clan option and the unstable party system.

    Burnout Paradise is now my main game for online shenanigans,

  • ehandlr

    I want new weapons more then new maps…but I’ll take maps too.

  • Hi, i’m quite new to all this bloggin stuff, you guys seem to have been at it for a while, my sites not quite looking as etablished as yours. lol ( .

    Anyway, yeah i’m looking forward to the new COD4 maps, bit tired of the same old scenary. I hope the new maps are free. The game is brilliant though. Have you guys had any trouble recently with lag? I’m in the UAE and the lag has been ridiculous. It’s actually ruined the game for me at the moment. My friends and i have gone back to doing terrorist hunts on Rainbow 6 Las Vegas. Forgot how good that game is. Eagerly awaiting vegas 2.

  • coco

    I had connection problem to so turned of DOS protection on my router and I now get a game within 5-15 sec. Hope this helps =)