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Devil May Cry 4 Reviews |

I would try and give a balanced breakdown of the DMC4 reviews but I can’t. I’m too blinded by my DMC love to do that! So check out IGN’s DMC4 Review and’s DMC4 Review.

There are some interesting bits about the PS3 and 360 comparisons but this is the most important bit of info about DMC4 for me:

Personally, I found four of the levels to be a piece of cake, but Dante Must Die mode is much harder in this game than it ever was in DMC3, and will probably result in numerous controllers being shattered in frustration. Seriously, this mode will kick you when you’re down and laugh at you mercilessly. The fact that there is another level beyond it that is much harder just mystifies me, and it will take incredible skill and possibly superhuman reflexes to beat it.


I hope this comes on Thursday!!

The PS3 version has sold around 140,000 copies on day one of it going on sale in Japan.

First Day Japanese Sales of DMC4

  • Solid_Nat

    Apprently DMC4 on PS3 is outselling the 360 version 5-1. However a lot more people own the PS3 then 360 in Japan.

    Lots of stories on the web about the install time taking 20 mins + on the PS3, i thought this was an optional thing? Either way it improves load times but 5gb is a big chunk of space to take up. I don’t mind games taking up space etc if the load times and graphics are slightly improved though.

  • I think DMC4 will sell more copies on 360 than PS3 in NA and maybe Europe aswell.

    The 360 userbase is far greater in NA and in Europe you can pick up DMC4 £10 cheaper on the 360. Capcom said it was the choice of retailers to make the 360 version cheaper. 😕

  • Assassins Creed has sold over 2mil copies on the PS3. Isn’t that about the same as it did on the 360?

    I’ve been lurking around on some forums and people who own both the PS3 and 360 say they’ll be buying the PS3 version because of the controller is better for hack and slacks.

    Which version sells more or not doesn’t matter to me tho.It’s one of the games I wanted a PS3 for and I imported a dualshock 3 just for it. 8D