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Platinum PS3 Titles Heading for Europe |

I was wondering when Sony would announce it’s Platinum range of ‘budget’ games for the PS3. Japan looks to be getting their own bunch of ‘budget’ re-releases soon and now a Sony spokesperson has said (shock horror) that Europe could be next:

We have introduced a Platinum range of best-selling titles for all of our platforms to date, and it is likely that we will do so in the future for PS3. However, no decisions have yet been made on timing or line-up.

The PS2 Platinum range retailed at around the £20 mark (cheaper online) but I get the feeling the PS3 range will be around the £25 mark.

MotorStorm and Resistance will be definites but I just hope they don’t come in those horrible silver boxes like the PS2 range.

Platinum PS3 Titles Heading for Europe

  • Budget games? Great idea, except that I already have the games I want… doh!

  • It’s more aimed at new buyers or people that weren’t willing to pay full price for certain games.

  • Plus they are new not pre-owned (pre-owned being the main way to get cheaper games) so you know you wouldn’t be getting a disc that someone’s dog urinated over…

  • Sporty

    Once they come out in the US I might pick up a few I skipped the first time around.

    Basically NGS really. I still want Heavenly Sword, but I think greatest Hits need to be out for 6 months to qualify

  • mpz

    Never understood the obsession with the box-art that seems to have cropped up lately. Silver boxes do me just fine if the game is reasonably priced … it’s not like you play the box.