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PS Home Still on Track for Spring |

home1.jpgI was kind of surprised to hear the PlayStation Home was still tracking for a release this spring. I had somewhat lost track of it and assumed that it was being pushed to a fall release like LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2 (seemingly).

But no, it’s still on track for a spring release, and Sony’s working hard on adding some new features. Like being able to go outside more, instead of being stuck inside stuffy buildings. And the redesigned theater with less walking required.

I was kind of hoping that we could have somewhat real homes, such that if I walk out my door I might encounter Tosh or Gary or Darrin doing the same. We could have a PS3Blog building or somesuch. But it doesn’t look like the case.

I’m still not sure how much value-add there is in Home, but it sure looks cool. I’ll definitely give it a long hard try before saying coming to any conclusions. If they can make it more than just a place to walk around in, then I think it’ll be a keeper.

New PS Home specifics

  • Gary

    Yeah, I’m finding it hard to get excited about Home. Trophies could be cool in your Home but I just don’t ‘feel it’ right now.

  • Are you sure that they don’t plan anykind of community stuff? We as a local game community would actually love to buy a kind of virtual club-house. I mean this feature is so obvious… what else should you do in HOME than meeting with friends and using it as a launchpad for the next game-session???

    I don’t see my self hanging there around for hours… what for? Watching trailers in theater? I could do that on my PC.

    So I am really looking forward for strong community features (club house, better friend- and community lists, etc).

    Otherwise HOME will be grounded before it even haven taken-off.

  • Yeah, someone once suggested a spot to hang out, but how do you do that? Not possible AFAIK. We could arbitrarily decide that it’s a certain person’s apartment, but that would only work if they’re online. AFAIK, you cannot enter somebody’s apartment if they’re not home.

  • Darrin

    I couldn’t be more excited about this. This will be absolutely huge if they do it right.

    The avatar and virtual world conveys a lot of non-verbal communication and delivers a much richer social experience than simple chat rooms and friends lists.

    Imagine watching a big game unveiling or E3 type show. Sure, sometimes you’d rather just download the videos like you do today without any avatar hassles, and they need to keep that option. But sometimes you want to feel the vibe and murmurs of the crowd, and you want the added non-verbal social context of the avatars and virtual world metaphors. And there’s more opportunities to invite people to play a particular game.

  • I think the initial excitement of it will wear off after a few weeks for most people. But I’m really excited about it, has a lot of potential. I really like the community of it. Search for say Tekken players to battle against or find a clan, etc.

    It would be great if there was a room to meet in though …
    Found this though, maybe we could ..?

  • Darrin

    It’s a safe bet to say that Home will offer some type of club house feature.

    I don’t care if they specifically announced it or not, that’s exactly the type of thing they are aiming for, and as Barandum said, that’s just too obvious to not do.

  • John

    Not excited either, but then again, stuff like Second Life never interested me.
    I guess this could be aimed at a different public.

  • As far as I can tell, the only way to make a clubhouse is to become a Home developer and create a new space for users to visit. This is in line with companies like EA or Nike creating spaces for customers to check out, so I doubt that a service like this would be free.

    Letting users freely create their own clubhouses would be cost prohibitive to Sony. Each clubhouse would have to be persistent, and exist in some form even if no user is in it. Contrast this with your own spaces, which Sony brings up and tears down as you enter and exit Home. That’s a lot more resource efficient. Or contrast with commercial spaces (like EA or Nike, as mentioned above) which are paid for and therefore are a revenue provider instead of a revenue drain.

    I just don’t think clubhouses are going to happen…

  • Sporty

    Well they do have clan features. Maybe you could do a modified clan for PS3Blog.

    Personally. I’m kinda stocked for this. I used to be into MMOs quite a bit, with the mini games, features demos and social settings it could be interesting to just screw around playing bowling while waiting for someone.

    It will be interesting to see what 3rd parties do with it. I remember EA talking about having a Boxing ring where you can fight someone ala Fight Night.

    Kinda funny really. Here we are going up on another GDC and the 3 major reveals from last year are still not out 😀

  • Burten

    Fill out the form Tosh found. What Sony needs in Home is Clan/Community club houses where people can need “face to face”, not just game specified club hoses..

    In worst case, you get a No-Can-Do-Reply..

    Do us all a favour, and fill out the application 😀

    I’ll be waitin’ outside!

  • Henning, but without such features, why should I use HOME? I really wonder who actually cares about those mini-games. Maybe they are fun to give them a try… but they will definitely not make HOME a “want have”.

    Hopefully it is possible to buy/rent an appartment or house and give access to your friends/members even though you are not online.

    I don’t see the point having a second Second Life on PS3. It wasn’t realy fun on PC anyway.

    HOME should be an interactive XMB with new tools to bring you closer to your friends and buddies.