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SingStar to Hit North America This May |

SingStar was one of my most anticipated titles for Q1 2007. Then, as the months crept forward, so did the release date. Europeans, got lucky for once, and got this title last Christmas. Americans have to wait until the currently scheduled release date of May (really, this time).


The other popular Karaoke game alternative is Rock Band. However, both games seem to have very different strengths. While Rock Band provides guitar and drum play and the full “band” experience in addition to karaoke, SingStar has many advantages of its own:

  • SingStar uses the actual music video for each song
  • SingStar covers a broader range of music, including techno + R&B, while Rock Band focuses on guitar and drum driven rock music.
  • SingStar has more karaoke oriented game modes such as battle, duet, and pass-the-mic.
  • SingStar won’t have Rock Band’s high price tag nor will you need to physically store all such large peripherals.
  • The SingStore DLC system will be fully integrated into the game.

I’m not even a karaoke fan, but this title looks really nice. Let’s hope they actually stick to this new U.S. release date.

Any Europeans care to share their impressions?

EDIT: Deleted point about original artist vs. covers. SingStar uses all music from the original artist and Rock Band does mostly the same (Guitar Hero 1+2 was almost entirely covers). Thanks for the correction darkend.

IGN SingStar Q&A

  • Dee Peay

    hi i live in the EU ad heres my mini review:

    singstar! the main game is the same. but with HD visuals if you care 🙂
    the singstore is great. the songs on the disc arent going to be very satisfying to most, so the ability to download new ones is a great addition.
    the communty area is lots of fun. Some people really want the number one spots so they do all sorts to get the votes. from dressing up, to working out dance routines very fun.

    only problem is… the network has been slow and there arent enough updates to the store. That said, Sony have issued a formal apology and promised things will improve in march. so we’ll see.

    so basically, its singstar. but even more so!

  • I always was a Karaoke fan and when my brother got Singstar for the PS2, I was awestruck^^

    This is such a GREAT drinking and party game^^

  • Having played (and owned) Singstar (PS2), Karaoke Revolution (all versions) and Rock Band, I would have to say that Rock Band is the most fun experience.

    We found the music videos in Singstar to be distracting, and it didn’t seem as fun; I don’t think we bothered to finish all of the songs it came with.

    I will probably rent the new Singstar when it comes out though.

  • darkened

    One little nitpick about this article… Rock Band has a pretty limited number of covers, much less than the previous Guitar Hero games. The majority of the songs are originals, not covers.
    Total Number of Songs on Game Disc: 58
    Number of covers on game disc: 7
    Number of originals on game disk: 51

    Total number of songs downloadable: 50
    Number of covers downloadable: 20
    Number of originals downloadable: 30

    Total number of songs: 108
    Total number of covers: 27
    Total number of originals: 81

    Not trying to downplay SingStar, I’m definitely interested in SingStar when it finally comes out in the US.

  • Darrin

    Thanks for the correction darkend. Fixed.