New Satin Silver PS3 in Japan – no DS3!


Sony will be selling a new satin silver PS3 in Japan soon, and here’s what the new model gets you:

– the new satin silver colour
– the same 40GB HDD as before
– the same SIXAXIS controller as before

Hmmm. Isn’t it about time Sony started bundling the DUALSHOCK 3 with their systems?

New Satin Silver PS3 For Japan [Update]

Written by: Blackstaffer - News Contributor

  1. #1 by Tosh Hatch on February 5th, 2008 [ 1127 Points ]

    I find it very odd, that a DS3 isn’t included with this. Actually I’m still a little disappointed that Sony didn’t choose to include the newer rumble tech in the DS3 …. oh well.

  2. #2 by SL33PY on February 6th, 2008

    I don’t think it’s odd, we can’t even buy a ds3 here.

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