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PixelJunk Monsters Impressions |


This is the PSN entry into the popular and trendy tower defense genre. This is a simple yet very addicting game.

Personally, I think this game is easily worth the $7.99, but if you are a more frugal type, you are safe sticking to the variety of free variants of this concept.


Differences from Other Tower Defense Games

  • Local co-op play. With the right partner, this is a *really* fun way to play.
  • Mechanics are different. Listing the specifics would be a bore to read, but suffice it to say, that workings of the game are different enough to make this a unique experience.
  • Absolutely zero maze creation. This was probably the best part of Desktop Tower Defense and it’s completely absent in this title. The mazes are basically pre-made in each level as you can only build towers on existing trees on the map.
  • Organized into levels or maps. Early levels are easy, however difficulty curve is suprisingly steep. This game gets really hard, really quickly.

Wish List

Some players want a really simple, easy to get into experience, while other players want something more elaborate and involved. There’s room for both, but I’m in the latter group.

Take an RTS game, strip out the story, exploration, and troop management and elaborate on the base building and maze creation features. Or take a tower defense game and add some high production values, more features and gameplay balance, a level editor, and expanded co-op and versus ultiplayer modes.

Anyone else have impressions to share? Has anyone beaten this title yet?

  • This game rock^^

    It is an AWESOME value at 5€ (I already played more than 10hrs in two days). And, it is HARD as f*ck, which is great^^

    And it does offer offline multiplayer (sadly no online), which I already played some hours yesterday!

  • I’m not the most clever of people so I was disappointed by how fast I got stuck in this game. It ramps up in difficulty way too fast.

  • Sporty

    I think this is easily the 2nd best PSN original title so far. (I know original is stretching it but I’m talking not a retro or port)

    This title has taken over as the most played addictive PSN game so far. Significantly sweet value for $8.

    I was playing R&C when I ordered this and I haven’t touched that since. Not saying R&C isn’t great but PJ Monsters is just that addictive.

    I’m currently at the Medium 2 Smile level, same one in that screen shot. I have 7 rainbows.

    If they added online Co-OP that would be nice. I hope they support this with DLC.

  • Darrin

    Henning, how far have you made it? Yes, this is suprisingly hard, but that’s good for this type of game.

    Sporty, if this is second best, what is the best original PSN title so far? I’ve by far logged the most hours into this, but I loved the originality and style of LocoRoco.

    Does anyone else want a more elaborate RTS-like version of this?

  • Sporty

    I would say SSHD is the best, but so far this is fresh at least. After EDS and SSHD it’s not to have a break from twin stick shooters.

    Calling all cars I enjoyed for all but 3 hours, I played it online once and it was pretty fun, but servers are empty mostly. SSHD I put tons of play time in, EDS is good for quick plays. That’s how I ranked them.

    Yes a fleshed out RST would be nice. But for $8, this is a good value to itself IMO

  • The demo from the Japanese PlayStation Store (It’s in English!?!?!?!?) was intriguing, so I’ll be picking up the game when I get some cash.

    The first few levels aren’t that fun, but it seems like it’ll pick up very quickly.

  • west coast ps3

    We have made it to the “hard” levels (I have been playing co-op with my 5 year old son) and it is pretty fun. It is very well balanced, and when you are doing the co-op mode there has to be some degree of co-operation or else you won’t win.

  • Emrah

    I played it with my friend, and it was absolute blast. The game is *frustrating* but addictive, you just want to perfect your defense to get that rainbow, play the same damn level 15 times. (I am also very bad at strategy games so this clearly shows 🙂 )

    It seems utterly hard to get those rainbows tho, gotta hate those spiders.

  • Solid_Nat

    Have played it quite a lot but like Henning got stuck pretty quick. The misses also likes to play co-op so that is fun. Wish an online co-op would be released for it but that might be in the pipeline judging by the support that Sony give to expanding PSN titles.

  • Emrah

    Btw, west coart, 5 year old son? I respect him.

  • Martin

    Can’t say I have done all the levels, but I have done the last one that make the credits come up. I was surprised at how easy the last level was. (with enough firetowers) But I still need to get 1 more rainbow to get to the far left. (volcano is the credit level)

    If anyone hasnt figured that out yet, fire towers and lasers is the way to go. At least that’s what got me through most of them.

  • I won’t be picking this one up

  • Sporty

    Do most people just stop playing past level 7?

    My rankings are getting higher and higher as if I have less competition now.

    Stage 10 I went through twice with 771 first try and 245 second. Far cry from first few stages where I rank in the 10’s thousands range