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Golden Axe: Beast Rider |


Golden Who: Beast What?

I have to admit that I’ve never heard of the original, and this is the first time I’ve heard of Golden Axe: Beast Rider. It seems to involve some golden axes and riding of beasts.

But anyway, check out the link below for basic preliminary screens for this title coming to the PS3 this summer.

New Golden Axe: Beast Rider screens

  • I loved the original Golden Axe on Sega Genesis, but I’m not sure about this title yet ….

  • Nash

    Never heard of Golden Axe? How old are you!? I had a lot of fun with the original (arcade and Genesis), but I think the time for any sequel has passed. Hard (or stupid) to try and milk a franchise that some gamers have never heard of!

  • Trieloth

    The game looks cool but I think it would be better with a new name.

  • I am surprised you haven’t heard of it. I am 29 and I played it 🙂

  • Darrin

    Golden Axe was awesome in 1989. 20 years later, the God of Wars and Devil May Crys have taken over the hack-n-slash genre.

    If a studio wants to make another hack-n-slash game, great, but they should use a new IP, and not try to milk a 20-year old nostalgia series.

    Anyone else notice how all the old hack-n-slash games were built entirely around co-op play (Steets of Rage, Double Dragon, Final Fight, etc). Seriously, no one played those games solo. Today, we have Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, God of War, Heavenly Sword, which are way better games, but they have *zero* co-op support.

  • omfg henning, you actually admitted that you don’t know golden axe!!! Know your classics man. Golden axe is a bashing game from way back when the animals were still talking.

    Nostalgia fills my heart, all those hours and hours of wasting time with friends

  • Børten


    Even I remember this one, but cant remember whitch platform I played it on, Amiga or C64.
    Nostalgic as I am, I wikied it —>
    Hellofalot of platforms..

  • eh, i’m not expecting much from this… (ditto for bionic commando btw)