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EndWar: Ready for a Voice-Controlled RTS? |

My first exposure to a RTS was Dune 2. From what I gather, it was one of the first (if not the first) RTS game of the current mold. It was quite a fun game, and I played it a lot. Then came Warcraft, Command & Conquer, and a bunch of other games. I thought that Dune 2 was a little rough around the edges and that Warcraft did a lot to improve upon the genre. Other games since then have really left me cold, without enough innovation to draw me.

Now Ubisoft hopes to do something I haven’t seen done successfully before: make a good RTS game for a console. Tom Clancy’s EndWar by Ubisoft Shanghai will get around the control issue by using voice commands, of all things.

Ubisoft teamed up with Fonix Speech to incorporate their VoiceIn Technology.

Fonix created a 70-word vocabulary for the game, which can be combined to offer thousands of voice commands. Players will be able to control all of their in-game soldiers, choppers, tanks and other weaponry by simply speaking into the headset microphone. Ubisoft will even be offering a bundle at retail for those gamers who don’t already own a headset for Xbox 360 or PS3.

Nowadays I give RTS games a wide birth, but if this game looks good enough I’ll at least give it a rental. Follow the link below for more, and tell us what you think!

World War III: Tom Clancy Empire Expands with β€˜EndWar’

  • Burten

    This is a cool idea in theory, kinda like Socom V.2.0.
    However, what about all of us that dont speak english that good…?

    “..Team bravo gegen nach .. no, I mean go to .. eeh.. move to .. merde och sheize!..”

    Any chance for localized versions..?

  • Darrin

    That sounds dumb: voice control in an RTS?

    I think there is huge room for growth in the RTS genre, and this title is still in early development, so I still have hopes for it, but voice control sounds absolutely terrible.

  • Burten

    Developers struggle to make RTS on consoles. Something ’bout the control schemes or something.
    So I guess voice controll use another angle to solve it. But as the Ps3 supports BT, what about mouse and keyboard controlled RTS?

    It has worked on the Pc, and with a 40″ monitor (read HD TV) RTS could be fun πŸ˜‰

  • Dune 2 was the first, because dune 1 was a totally different game

  • Ps3 has keyboard / mouse support. (No kidding). Bundle with a cheap keyboard mouse combo. People will be addicted. Imagine if PS3 came with a cheapo mouse/keyb. as standard. It would be a revolution.

  • Darrin

    Pixel Junk Monsters is a light-RTS. That works well with a pad, and it’s very well received. Devs can work around the control issues.

    Mouse control will remain a minority option for console users. I enjoy it for UT3, but I think it should stay a niche option and I don’t think bundling mice is a good idea.

  • @darrin: It’s probably because I have always been more of a PC guy. e.g. barely getting used to FPS’s with a gamepad. But you may be right that a standard mouse / keyboard combo may get developers lazy about optimizing for a gamepad control of their games, which would somewhat degrade the “play games on your comfy sofa in a relaxed pose” attitude on consoles.

    However, even tho I began to get used to COD4, my left index finger’s joints are currently aching after a very long session of gameplay, from repetetive stress. That never happened even after much long hours of Battlefield1942.

  • Sporty

    Sounds interesting, but This is the kind of thing that requires a Demo first. I have a headset now but haven’t tried it out yet.

  • mpz

    I wonder if you’ll have to tork with an Amer-i-can accent to get it to recognise what you’re saying?

  • Emrah

    If the technology allows it, it could have a ‘calibrate feature’, which lets you read the words x amount of times, you could even use them in your native language, sort of teach the game what to expect…