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XMB – Information Board to include PlayStation.Blog |

The pretty much useless Information Board on the PS3 XMB is finally going to get something useful. Blog posts from

Once this gets enabled, I’ll turn this feature back on. Anybody use the Information Board as it is now? And will you turn it back on when the PlayStation.Blog gets added to the Info Board?

Check out comment 20 on the link below

Frazz :
“Integrate this blog and the orange info bar on the ps3.Stupid to come out with a useless feature like that and not back it up.
Good update with the rating hopfully it will give a better idea of what we gamers want”

Jeff Rubenstein-
“Look for the Blog to start showing up on the info bar this week. Nice timing with that request. 😉 “

New Blog Feature: Post Ratings

  • I don’t use it now and this most likely won’t get me to. I subscribe to their blog using Google Reader now, don’t need it in a second source.

  • Busby

    I don’t use the information board at the moment but then again I’m in the UK and have a Japanese console so my board is in Japanese that could explain it, am I acrually missing anything by turning it off?

  • Busby

    Forgot to say it would be sweet if you were able to add RSS feeds of your choice, then it would become pretty useful.

  • James

    I use the information board now and again, but it just seems to be the usual corporate propaganda in the form of press releases. The blog is much better written and I’ll be using it much more once it’s been enabled. Even better would be an RSS reader so we can stick our own feeds in.

  • That would be somewhat useful. Maybe a few times a week I check the official blog, and there has been times when I did that on the PS3’s web browser.

    For me personally I all ready have the PC and the TIVO getting RSS feeds so I really don’t need another device doing that.

  • TweetTweet

    As long as the blog is US “only” my Info Board stays off. I’d really like to see Europe catching up some day.