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GTA 4 |


There have been a ton of great titles on the PS3 thus far, but for myself and many other PS3 fans, GTA 4 is the big one. This has been and continues to be my most anticipated title since the launch of the PS3.

So far, PS3 owners haven’t had much GTA-style games. We’ve had an OK port of Godfather, and we’ve had the excellent Manhunt 2 and Bully for PS2 which share many of the same writing + dev staff as GTA, but the GTA series has always been the main focus of Rockstar North, and I couldn’t be more excited about the pending release of GTA 4 on April 29th.


Why GTA is great

  • It’s Funny I’ve never laughed more than when playing GTA. The game does a complete rendition of a living city and absolutely everything is just dripping with sarcasm. The talk shows, the rock DJs, the pedestrian clothing fashion, the reactions of some drivers when you steal their car, or hit them in traffic, the reactions of shoppers when you drive a motorcycle through the mall in Vice City, the hookers, the missions (remember the donkey pornography mission in GTA3?), even the cars, guns, and violence are done in a very sarcastic manner. Humor is highly subjective, but to me, many of the imitators (True Crime, Driv3R, and to a lesser extent even Saint’s Row) show what happens when you try to be funny and completely miss the mark.
  • Emergent Gameplay Lots of fans never touched the missions and loved just fooling around all over the map. I loved the missions, but I also loved stumbling on all kinds of fun interludes along the way.
  • The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts Lots of games had better racing or better gunplay or better technology, but none of them stitched everything together like GTA.
  • Novelty GTA 3 delivered an experience that was simply unlike anything before it. Vice City and San Andreas basically grew the same concept, but it was still a very fresh experience.
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    Best GTA Clones

    (not in order)

  • Scarface This game was easily the best GTA-like game. The voice acting and dialog were solid, the gameplay was good, the graphics were phenomenal for PS2, and there was some good humor. The big flaw of this game was its timing. It completely missed its window of opportunity. Games such as True Crime and Driv3r were horrible, but they came out at the right time, when people were starved for another GTA-like game and were eager to buy a low-quality clone. Scarface was a great game, but it simply came out after the GTA-mania had subsided, Saint’s Row had way better graphics on the 360, the PS3 was about to be released, and the gaming hivemind was simply not interested in anything for the PS2 and Xbox 1.
  • Mercenaries Not really a clone, but it shows strong GTA influence, and it’s a great game in it’s own right.
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    Expectations for GTA 4

  • Overhaul Real simple. I want to see absolutely every aspect of the game new + improved, all while keeping the story, sarcastic humor, and grand scope of the previous entries intact.
  • The Sky I can’t put exactly what I want into precise words, but I expect GTA 4 to deliver it. If this title does anything less than single-handedly push the art of videogames forward one evolutionary step, it will be a disappointment.
  • Anyone else as excited for GTA 4 as I am? What are your expectations?

    • Honestly, I am just scared that Rockstars just heavily screws up this time. I find it a bit strange that there is still not a single gameplay-trailer of this game even though the game is up for release end of April. The new trailers look bad… the graphic looks like from an old ps2 system. The expectations are extreme high. All PS3-owners are looking forward to this game as an Xbox360-Killer… but the announcement that the 360-version is release simultaneously and even has more extra gameplay was a total knockout for me.

    • Whoa…

      you forgot Mafia in the “best clones” section…

      And Mafia was THE best clone (imho better than GTA3) there was… No Saints Row no Crackdown could ever come that near… And, a new one is in the works too.

      GTA4 will be the first GTA game, that I will play on a console. I always got the PC version of them, as I preferred the controls. Having said that, I hope, the shooting controls were revamped (it is being said that they were). I already preordered it last June for my PS3.

      GTA always had something… I cannot explain, that made it more enjoyable than other games. I hope, there’s much stuff beside the main story mode to do. And hopefully some not criminal at all activities too (I always liked those^^)

    • Can’t say I’m overly excited about this game. I loved GTA3 and Vice City, but found San Andreas a real chore. I never even stuck with it long enough to open up any more of the city than you started with.

      I’m looking forward to Mercs 2 way more than this – in fact, I don’t think this would even feature in my top 5 most anticipated games for 2008.

    • Sporty

      Although I have both system I’m still picking this up on PS3. besides, the DLC wont see the light of day this year on the other system. Besides, after the screw up with my account on XBL I won’t pay for jack there anymore.

    • Darrin

      I didn’t forget Mafia. I bought it on the PC after reading rave reviews. I thought it was horrible. It was boring, the cars were slow, and the game punishes you severely if you drive more than 25 MPH or run a read light… The dialog and atmosphere were all standard mafia fiction but not bad. The physics and controls were glitchy. I thought it was better than True Crime and Driv3R but worse than Godfather or Scarface or Mercs. GTA is the best, for humor, style, fun, and just over playability.

      Barandum, I’m nervous that they will screw up the game also, but the trailers and preview footage definitely feature gameplay footage and they look great.

    • matt

      This is the main game for me. I have always enjoyed sandbox games and this is the best. I have a lot of faith that they will exceed our expectations. Vice City was great and I also really enjoyed San Andreas. I had high hopes both times and I was happy with how it all turned out.

      I really hope they don’t tell us everything before the game is released. I have been trying to avoid too much coverage so the game is a surprise to me.

    • I must say that I don’t agree with you Lars. I’d actually put them in the reverse order.

      GTA3 was rock solid, but I really dug the extensions as I like to call them. San Andreas had the best story imo. The little flashback to the main character of GTA3 was awesome (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, play the game again or read the FAQ)

      I loved the fact that you could customize your wheels in SA, too bad there were some glitches with it.

      GTA4 is highest on my whish list of this year. I actually pre-ordered this one already a long time ago, which is a very rare thing for me to do.

    • Lars

      To be honest.. I don’t know what to expect. Probably the game will look pretty good and you will have the missions. San Andreas was a big disappointment on the PC. It was too big and the countryside pissed me off.

      I hope they don’t **** it up.. gta 3 was 100 procent, vice city was 95 procent, andreas was 65 procent. So will they kick it back to 90+ we’ll have to wait.

      Greets from Europe

    • yodaddy

      $95.66 paid in full waiting for 04/29/08…..

    • There’s no way R* will screw up GTA IV. No way.

      I’m expecting a lot from GTA IV and R* have claimed to have implemented some of the stuff I’ve been asking for but I’d be happy with the same core gameplay that makes GTA what it is,with superior graphics.

      No glitches, no slowdown, no crappy draw distance etc.

    • Darrin

      I agree Gary: if they can do the same basic thing with a major tech overhaul, I’ll be happy.

      Before Star Wars Episode I came out, I remember people saying: “No way, George Lucas will screw up Star Wars, no way”. It didn’t fail from lack of effort or funding or time pressure, it was just a terrible story. All story-driven, personality-driven products have that danger of jumping the shark, although from the GTA4 trailers, it looks like Rockstar North still has it.

    • PHILBIe

      look you people worrie to much Rockstar north wont screw it up they didn’t on any of the others, my biggest disipointment was the multiplayer on SA, and Lars u gota get out more the country side was an important part i admit its anoying getting through it but its good for offroading, and any traveling was easy as just steal a plane from LS before u get ya liscene and go for a fly. hell i had my pilots licence befor i got to SF. really it was the equal of the others.

    • Lars

      Personally the country side was not my thing, GTA always was ‘city-based’. So that is why I did not like that part of GTA SA.

      Does anyone know if we get a multiplayer in GTA 4? I heard some rumours.



    • Darrin

      PS3 is definitely getting multiplayer in GTA4.

      I’m skeptical if it will be much fun, but we will definitely get it.

    • Vetra

      There is an actual overhaul project of the PC version of GTA4 going on.
      It has features that surpass any commercial game, but lots of helpers are required for the little things.

      Check it out here (official):

      There is also a discussion of it from the beginning to it’s current state here:

      (sorry for the late post, but this is only a recent project)