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Criterion Games Interview |

IGN has a new interview up with Criterion Games, the makers of Burnout Paradise. In case you didn’t know, the PS3 was the lead platform for Criterion as they developed the game, and IGN has some related questions. For example:

IGN: What aspect about PlayStation3 development and hardware is the most promising going into the future?

Sullivan: We like the whole package the system offers. We really like the DualShock3, which we use in Burnout to get the player closer to the feel of driving and the PSEye, which we use for capturing Mugshots and Smugshots online and sending them to your friends. The PlayStation 3 is a very powerful machine that we have just begun to unlock and we were super excited when we got the game to run at 60 frames per second on it.

The really interesting thing to us is that we’ve only seen a few games that are using all of these elements together. There is still a lot of space for many new ideas and exciting experiences in the future as it’s still a relatively new machine and we’ve only just begun pushing it.

Check out the whole interview below.

Criterion Games Interview

  • I actually really like Burnout so far. It’s fun and easy to jump online at anytime. I still miss the classic crash mode. But everything else is really great 😀

  • Did IGN also ask why they didn’t put in 2 player splitscreen? I’ve been at my parents home and played some Burnout 3 with my little bro on the ps2, graphs are shite compared to ps3 BUT it is really fun to just play with someone else next to you.

    How come they didn’t put that in?

  • Emrah

    Sleepy: It is an open streamed world so there would be a lot of compromises, they said, I agree, but I also think they could have restricted the areas when doing split screen to small parts of the city at least..