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PS3 Hits 1m “Sold” Mark in the UK |

The Sony brand is still very strong in European and Pal territories and there’s some good news for people that take an interest in sales figures:

Officials from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) have confirmed to Gamasutra that press reports that the PlayStation 3 has now sold over one million units in the UK are accurate.

Apart from confirming that the figure refers to units sold, rather than shipped to retail, the company was reluctant to offer any other details or statements – although a major local press event was mentioned as being scheduled for later in the month.

This means that the PlayStation 3 has reached the one million unit mark a month or more sooner than the PlayStation 2, which took 50 weeks to reach the same figure. This compares to 60 weeks for the Xbox 360 and 38 weeks for the Wii – the latter of which is the current record for the UK.

Pretty good going when you take into account that the PS3 is more expensive than the 360 and Wii, which were both released before the PS3 in the UK.

PS3 Hits 1m “Sold” Mark in the UK

  • Sporty

    PS3 hasn’t even been out a year in the UK.

    This release is pretty interesting due to the fact that PS3’s weakest PAL territory is the UK.

  • I really would like to see the sales to customers figures for all territories for both Xbox360 and ps3. I think we’ll be pleasantly suprised by those figures. Especially if you represent them graphically and time related and then overlay both graphs so that they start at the same time.

  • Unfortunately, UK and EU hardware sales figures are not released on a regular basis, if ever, so it’s very difficult to keep track of them.

  • nice news dear Gary,

    wishin’ the best for PS3