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PS3 Outsells 360 in NA |

Gary told me earlier today that the scuttlebutt going around was that the PS3 outsold the 360 in North America in January. To be frank, I didn’t believe him. I guess I’m a skeptic at heart. But he was right! All of us that voted in the poll to the right were wrong, because I neglected to put January in there!

For the first time in the United States, the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 with 269,000 units and 230,000 units respectively.

And the PlayStation brand, when you combine the PS3, PS2, and PSP, outsold all other brands. 764K units versus 530K Nintendo and 230K Microsoft units, according to The Bitbag.

Impressive. Most impressive.

the simExchange – January 2008 NPD Data

  • Mike

    People are chalking this up to hardware shortages for 360. I’m not entirely sure how that is since Halo 3 didn’t even provide the bump in hardware sales that people expected. I think it’s more likely they’re getting bogged down by having to send out replacement units.

    If nothing else this should cause Sony to realize that pricing is king. If they can keep up getting the manufacturing costs down they might be able to make up for having it priced so high for the first year.

  • Remember, last month xbox sold about a million, ps3 half a million. This might have slightly saturated the xbox demand, and caused shortages at some places. February numbers will be more indicative of a continued success.

  • Sporty

    True, but keep in mind 360 numbers are about 20% lower then projections and PS3 is 30% higher.

    So Microsoft can spin this and call it a fluke and MS fanboys can become apologists with supply constraint excuses. That doesn’t change the fact that it happened.

    The actual facts are MS are trailing in sales in JP, PAL regions and now they have a real fight in their strongest territory.

    360 will probably beat PS3 this month in the US, but it wont be by land slides like we saw last year. Plus, we’ll probably see a price war between the PS3 and 360 by the holiday season.

    Also shows that the people that voted ‘You’ve got to be kidding’ on the current poll were way off πŸ™‚

  • JimmyStewart

    Well color me surprised. I’m one of those who voted “You’ve got to be kidding”. I’m still not entirely sure that this one is one that should be counted… but the vote said nothing about a fair fight. As much as I hate to admit it, I was wrong!

    Now I have to agree with most of the posts so far… there was a shortage. I can’t speak for everywhere but I know I was desperate to try and track down a second 360 for the bedroom. We already had a second PS3 in there mostly to use as a media server and for Blu-Ray but to be honest we ran out of games we were interested in playing in there. We ended up pulling the 360 in there and used it so much we decided we needed a second unit. For a two week stretch in January we literally couldn’t find a 360 anywhere. Even Best Buy’s online site listed the 360 as “SOLD OUT ONLINE”. We tried a total of 4 Best Buy stores (most of these we visited at least twice), 2 Circuit Citys, 5 Gamestops, a Sears, 2 Meijers, a RadioShack, a K-Mart, 2 Targets and 2 ToysRUs stores. We found a total of one 360 (an arcade unit). However almost every trip presented us with a wide supply of PS3s… one Best Buy employee even tried to sell us some Wiis that they had in stock. At the time it just seemed weird. I actually told the story to most people I know as it struck me funny that we’re struggling to find a 360 and we kept passing Wiis which are supposed to be so hard to find. Long story short we ended up nabbing a Halo edition on Amazon.

    So yeah, I don’t really see how this can be seen as a victory the PS3 when it really wasn’t going up against any competition. When the 360 outsold Wii during certain months last year no one in the 360 sites saw that as a victory… odd that Sporty accuses MS and fanboys of spin! That’s exactly what I thought when I read this… but I guess when you’re this hard up for good news you’ll take what you can get. So yes, just as the 360 outsold the Wii… the PS3 managed to topple the 360. If this happens next month… then I’ll be whistling a different tune. Have the supply issues been handled? To be honest I haven’t noticed… I only notice things like that when I happen to be looking to buy.

  • ehandlr

    I still haven’t had a problem finding 360’s on the shelves around Delaware…not to say that reflects the rest of the country….I do know that the DS was a pain to find. I was trying to buy my second one and I had to walk into Best Buy when they released the new Cobalt Blue one the morning of, just to get a second DS.

  • gary

    and how many of xbox sales now are people buying more than one 36 because it has broken, i know of 3 people that hav went out and bought a new one or upgraded to the elite.

  • This is really good news. Even better news when one considers how well the psp and ps2 did. Sony makes major profit on both systems, so they are probably quite pleased at that news. In Japan, the PSP even managed to beat the DS this week, for yet another of numerous times. It seems that in Japan the psp is slowly nipping away at what used to be a huge sales gap month to month. The US is really sony’s only contentious area. This horse race is still early, and sony could easily recoup the 360’s advances in the coming year.

  • mcloki

    I will take it as good news if he PS3 sells well in February. Two months in a row should be the target. One month, Especially January seems a bit too early to cry victory. Now it becomes a games watch. With LBP and Resistance 2 taking top spot. Sony’s got a strong lineup. Essentially this year they are going to have the same type of Fall that the 360 had last year. MSG, FF? GT5. White Knight Story? LBP, Killzone, Resistance. Home, Online media store. Things certainly are lining up for Sony for a killer holiday 2008.

    Maybe we should change the poll to see over which three month period will Sony outsell 360 in North America. I think it’s already happened in Europe and Japan.

  • Sporty

    I do think a decent percentage of the PS3 bump is for Blu-Ray.

    So as long as PS3 is one of the better BD players and cheapest options I would bet a percentage will be getting one as a media system more then a game system for some time to come.

    Another factor I would say is perception. Last year all the gaming sites were anti-Sony so wannabes were trying to be cool in hating them also. This year started off with a bang for Sony with BD snagging Warner getting the lions share of Movies exclusive, then followed it up with blow after blow of good news for the format. Most multi-platform games are just as good or in some cases better then 360 counterparts now. And price isn’t much different then 360. You try to say PS3 sucks and has no games on a respected site now and 90% of the users will think your a tard, last year it was cool to do.

    So taking away the negative perception, throw in the format war and PS3 about to over 360 in worldwide sales in a few months and get a 3 console race again.

  • chaosatom

    sony just slapped media in the face by winning the format war

  • Matt

    I really don’t count systems sold as much as some of you. My father bought a PS3 only for Blu-Ray. I know a couple of other people who have done the same. Publishers look at the number of games sold and throw more money at the system selling games. Sony will be winning the battle when they are selling more games.

    The fact they sold as many as they did is important though. I could care less if they “beat” the Wii or 360. Getting more systems into gamers hands will help developers dedicate more of their money into game development. Just give me good games on the PS3.

  • What you are forgetting matt is that Sony benefits REGARDLESS of what people buy their systems for. Especially now, since even the PS3 is close to the threshold of making a profit (they are currently slightly less than breaking even on individual sales with the 400 dollar sku costing around 400 to make). Not to mention with sony having a major hand in blu-rays creation (despite it being a part of a consortium, it was a major player and has the largest number of titles on the format). The sale of the ps3 for whatever reason will benefit sony in one form or another.

    Lets not forget this is the same issue that was raised with PSP. The system sells and the games dont sell quite as well, but the more people with the system (especially one that sells for profit) the more people there are to potentially buy the software. It took a while, but its a common site to see a psp game hit the top ten in japan, that was at one point unheard of even for the most deserving of psp titles.

  • The day that Sony drops the price on the ps3 is the day that I’m going to get a second one and maybe a third to give as a present to my little brother, I love to spoil him πŸ™‚

    If my ps3 wasn’t broken I’d have gotten NFS Pro Street, Burnout, Drake’s Fortune and some more of the download-able content for Folklore

    I just postponed those purchases now. I’m sure that some of the games won’t be bought at all now.

    Still in the future there are several games on my must have list. FF, MGS, GT5, RFoM2, KZ2, LBP, if all those games hit the market full price, then that’s another wel spent 360€ πŸ˜‰

    Oh Henning, there was this game in the store, shooter, had 4 player split, I think I saw it passing the revue on PS3blog, but I forgot the title… If I had my ps3 back again, I definitively would have bought it yesterday.

  • ehandlr

    What your also forgetting Matt is that in multiplatform software sales…PS3 is netting the same penetration rate then the 360. Just look at COD4 for example.

    17 million 360’s out in the wild…4 million COD4’s…

    10 million PS3’s out in the wold…2.1 million COD4’s