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Race Driver: GRID |

I’m all for racing games, and my friends and I have had a lot of fun racing each other over the years. But now that I own a PS3, my enthusiasm has been quite tempered by the fact that nobody wants to release a next-gen (current-gen?) four-player splitscreen game. Will the new Race Driver: GRID be the one to fulfill that hope? Unfortunately, I don’t know yet. 🙁 (Sorry for the build up!)

But we do know other things. Like the fact that CodeMasters is moving away from the more sim-style racing game like TOCA and moving towards a more arcadey experience like PGR. “We wanted to make a break away from our perception as a simulation game”, says Ralph Fulton, chief game designer on Race Driver: GRID. […] We felt that there was more that we could be doing to package the things that we were brilliant at – AI, damage, physics – in such a way that it appeals to a much broader market.

For some strange stupid reason, drifting is in style these days, and GRID will partake heavily. They plan to make the game world-spanning, and the Japanese events will be heavily into drifting. Yuck. That’s a mistake that I wish could be rectified with something like GRID’s new rewind feature, which lets you skip backwards in time over a crash or bad decision and gives you a do-over.

The game will only include 45 cars, but I don’t really care how many they have as long as they’re fun. I care more for a good variety of tracks to race on.

And splitscreen? Well, we can only hope…

Race Driver: Grid Preview

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  • I totally agree with the drifting comments. It’s fun in some titles – like Burnout Paradise – but in a ‘proper’ racer, I don’t think it has any place.

    I’m hoping they don’t go too far with the ‘arcadey’ stylings. The game looks more realistic than ever (a challenger for even the mighty GT5, perhaps), and they could ruin it with arcade-style handling. No need to make it like PGR, as in my opinion, that game is trash – too few races, and far too many cone-based challenges. I buy a racer to RACE – I don’t want or need a simulation of the M25!

    I thoroughly enjoyed TOCA 3, and had been looking forward to the next-gen version. There are enough arcade racers already, and for a previously much-loved simulation game to make this move is unnecessary. Could it be because they don’t feel they’ll be able to compete with GT5 on a simulation level?

  • 4 player split?? I don’t get my hopes up for that, not even for this title. I think that everyone can find himself lucky when there is a 2 player split screen available… unfortunately

  • Trieloth

    Heres a wild and crazy idea. Make your own four player split screen game. Hire a few guys and boom. Make a low budget one for the PSN store if anything.

  • Give me 10 million dollars and I’ll do it.

  • Richard

    I doubt it, this is based off the same engine as the colin mcrae game, so…probably not.

  • give me a good sdk with api’s and i’ll do it

  • Trieloth

    I would help you guys out if I had that kind of money. There’s lots money to be made on that idea (4p/split screen) or at least hennings, lol JK.