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BBC Previews PlayTV |

PlayTV is basically a DVR (digital video recorder), you can record one show while watching another. Set up shows to record for you. Even watch it on the go with your PSP via remote play.

I’m very jealous that North America won’t be getting this. Any of you guys in Europe going to get this?

PS3 takes on Slingbox

  • Hm, I dunno

    DVB-T in my region (Stuttgart) is quite bad and out house antenna was dismounted years ago in favour of cable and now sat tv. If there was a DVB-S2 receiver, I’d get it no questions asked, but I doubt it. DVB-T has such a bad quality compared to cable, it is really not worth it.

    I like the concept, but terrestrial television is just bad!

  • Solid_Nat

    I will be getting this day one. I live in the UK and Freeview is pretty big here, not as big as Sky but is gaining ground and if you don’t want to pay for Sky this is the only alternative. Plans are also a foot to bring Freeview HD either later this year or next year. I also live in a region were we cant get cable.

    We are also switching off or old analogue aerials over the next three years so everyone in the UK will need to go digital. All new TV’s have Freeview built in but this offering from Sony gives you all the functionality of Sky + (£35 – £40 a month) for a one of payment. This new video really shoes of the interface well and combined with a PSP it makes for some series kit.

    Will never miss an episode of Hero’s again!

  • James

    If I lived in a postcode area that picked up freeview I’d get this in a snap and dump Virgin Media cable that I currently subscribe to. Shame there’s no HD broadcasts on Freeview yet, but the lack of decent content on cable and satellite reassures me that I’m not missing out on much.

  • There won’t ever be a decent HDTV channel on “freeview” ever. The bandwidth just isn’t there…

    Comparing German satellite tv to freeview, there’s a difference of 5mbit/s (~3 to 8 looking at ARD) and HDTV uses at least 15 to 20 mbit/s for a decent picture (not in the least comparable to BluRay which can do up to 40mbit/s for the picture alone).

    It’s sad, but that’s how it is.

  • Whats keeping this from the US exactly? I know there is no air broadcast digital television in the us yet, but wont that be changing in 2009 when the US MUST convert to digital? What keeps this from being something that could work with say, digital cable for instance?

  • Sporty


    Standards really. We use ATSC here so not sure why they don’t just run with that. Or try OpenQAM for cable.

    But now that 99% of the CE vendors endorsed tru2way we might get somewhere. Main problem is Sony is the 1% not backing it yet. But FCC might jump in and make it a standard.

  • All standard channels in Belgium are also available on Digital TV I’m definitively going to get playTV when it hits the Belgian market

  • Paul

    PlayTV was actually the deciding factor in buying a PS3 for me in the UK.

    Freeview in the UK has very good coverage (BBC especially) and having swapped out the hard disc for a 250GB drive I now will have a DVR with pretty good capacity.

    The cost of a years subscription to cable with a bundled DVR is around $1,000 so the whole PS3 package (Console, PlayTV and HDD) will come in cheaper at $800 and I’ve got a Blu-Ray player, media streamer, net browser & games console as well.

    Although I’ve not been a Sony fan previously, I do have to take my hat off to them on this one.