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Poll: Early Home Release? |

Sony originally said that Home would go through a large public beta before release. But now rumours suggest that this will not happen and that Home will be released very soon. So what do you think? When is Home coming out? Vote in the sidebar as always.

Previous Poll Results:

Here are the results for the totally misplaced poll trying to predict when PS3 sales would outpace the 360’s in North America. As it turned out, this already happened in January of 2008, which I didn’t even list as an option.

What month in 2008 will the PS3 surpass the 360 in North American monthly sales?

* February: 5% (21)
* March: 6% (25)
* April: 9% (37)
* May: 7% (30)
* June: 13% (51)
* July: 7% (28)
* August: 4% (15)
* September: 6% (26)
* October: 5% (22)
* November: 8% (31)
* December: 10% (42)
* You’ve got to be kidding: 19% (79)

Total Votes : 407

  • Man I hope it’s 1Q 🙂

  • Well I voted 2Q. On the sales overtake thingy, We can still say we voted for the first 2 consecutive months that PS3 outsells XBox360

    Since MS and their minions claim that shortages of xbox hardware were the only reason why PS3 outsold them in January and that they hope that in February their December sales momentum will continue….

    We’ll see in about 2 weeks when all the numbers are in

  • Solid_Nat

    Blu-ray winning is bound to boost PS3 sales. Those who have been sitting on the fence waiting for this format war to finish will now have a clear option for purchasing a blu-ray player, £325 for a blu-ray player and games machine suddenly seems like a great bargain!

  • mcloki

    I would think something as complicated as HOME would need a beta. THe PR fallout from a glitch in HOME would hurt SONY more than a quick release.
    And from a marketing standpoint a closed beta would just drum up more marketing exposure and create more desire in people.

  • Even if they release it tomorrow I don’t think you could call it an “Early” release. More like a “Missed the boat” release.

    I’ll still check it out when / if it does get released though.

  • in the sales-overtaking poll, i guessed somewhere in the middle of the year, i think, but what’s funny is that the most popular option was “you’ve got to be kidding me” at 19%!

  • and it would make sense for sony to say something about home at gdc. i hope!