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GDC: PhyreEngine |

Here’s a surprise. Sony is coming out with a cross-platform, free, graphics engine for PS3 and PC development:

Quietly unveiled at yesterday’s PSN session was PhyreEngine, a new “free to use graphics engine” from Sony Computer Entertainment. According to the presentation, the package includes full documentation, “70 samples” and “full source code and artwork” of sample game templates. Working on both OpenGL and Direct3D, this engine will allow developers to more easily develop for the PS3 by using PC environments they’re more familiar with. A “simple recompile” is supposedly all that’s needed to make the game run on the PS3. Sony is promising “ongoing development and support” for the PhyreEngine.

If this thing is free, do I still need to get a development kit to program the PS3? Yeah, I thought so…

GDC08: PhyreEngine, Sony’s new (free!) cross-platform engine

  • Trieloth

    Ding it I thought this was your calling for that split screen racing game. 🙁

  • Darrin

    Can us PC programmers download and take a look? I don’t see any links which indicates no. That’s lame.

  • For those who don’t know, this engine was already used in DiRT (formerly called PSSG). (confirmed by XBoxdestroya at B3D/Psinext)

  • This is HUGE! Why sneak this in? Where are the trumpets? I might even take my chances, need to make some calls 😀