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PixelJunk Monsters is sooo Addictive |

After playing the demo from the Japanese PS Store I decided to download PixelJunk Monsters from the UK PS Store for just £3.49.

I hardly stopped playing it despite also having Devil May Cry 4 and Burnout Paradise on the go at the same time.

It’s so simple yet addictive! I spent almost 9 hours playing it non stop yesterday! 😆

I did complete every mission and the 3 secret missions, although I’ve only managed to get 10 Rainbows, which you only get by finishing each mission without any deaths to your tribe.

The difficulty curve is not a problem once you work out which Tower is best suited to take out each enemy and the best locations to use. The difficult part is not losing any of your tribe when you’re trying to get the Rainbows.

I’ve never played a Tower Defence game before but it’s a lot of fun for such a simple game.

I haven’t tried the two player co-op yet.

Anybody else been unable to stop playing PJM?

  • Huschke

    The two player co-op is just as amazing. You should try it. Go invite Henning over for a session or two! :o)

  • Is it online co-op?

    I thought it was offline co-op…

  • Solid_Nat

    Yep its offline co-op not online, although im hoping they add that.

    In fact seeing you playing PJM has inspired me to pick it up again and i can confirm the addictiveness of this game, although i am finding it a little harder to get through….. Still lots of fun…

  • I thought it was offline co-op. Cheers for that Nat.

    It’s pretty simple once you work out the right Towers for the right enemies and place them in the right areas.

  • Sporty

    I was in the middle of Ratchet and Clank: Future when I bought PJ Monsters.

    I have touched R&C in about a week due to that damn game. It’s probably the most fun and addictive game I’ve played all year. I can’t wait for the expansion to come out.

    I’m getting a serious back log of unfinished games lately.

    Started Bioshock then interrupted that when I got Assassins Creed and played that through twice. Started halo 3 but Picked up Super Marion Galaxy and had to finish that twice to get the extra level. Bought Uncharted, Warhawk, and R&C at the same time, started Ratchet and now I end up playing PJ:M every time I turn on my PS3.

    One of the problems of playing only one game at a time and getting easily distracted is if I get around to Bioshock or Halo again I’ll probably have to start them over again.

    Was much easier when I had the time to whip through a game before life and distractions got in the way.

  • Social life eats my gaming time too, it just means you’re getting old 😉 😀

  • ShermanBallz

    Hey, i’m stuck on a level, can you help me out? I’m playing the Medium difficulty level where there are only 4 trees. I’m good until the last two waves. One is the big troll-looking guys. Almost all of them get through. What towers did you use? More importantly though, what towers did you use for the final wave? He’s that weird floating ghost-looking guy. He seems pretty immune to everything.

  • Gary

    Try the Flame Tower and/or cannons fully upgraded.