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DualShock 3 Dated For US |


Kotaku says that the DualShock 3 is coming out for the PS3 on April 15th for $54.99. Meh. I have one already. 🙂

We have more word from retailer conference Destination PlayStation: the DualShock 3—you know, that DualShock we’ve been waiting for since the PS3’s launch—has gotten a US release date.

Set to launch April 15th for $54.99, it’s slated to coincide with the release of GT5 Prologue. Oh yes, feel those engines roar through your controller and make your SIXAXIS-wielding friends envious…like they’re just playing a video game or something.

Announcements: DualShock 3 Dated For US

Update: confirmed

  • Psycho

    Too little, too late.
    Already got mine from japan via ebay.

  • I have one as well. I don’t plan on getting another for a while. I already have 4 sixaxis controllers and 1 dual shock 3

  • Gary

    I’m waiting for it to hit Europe.

    My working one no longer has an L1 or L2 button. 😆

    I’m left with a semi-working SIXAXIS until the DS3 hits Europe. 🙁

  • Thats my birthday^^

    Europe would have been nicer though^^

  • It should be released on the same date for both US and Europe, especially if you take in account the sales figures that Sony released not so long ago