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Forthcoming PSOne Titles Bound for PSN |

Seems as though European ratings board, PEGI, has leaked a list of forthcoming PSOne titles that are heading for the Euro PS Store:

# Bust a Groove
# Crash Bandicoot 3
# Colony Wars
# Cool Boarders 2
# Cool boarders 3
# Destruction Derby 2
# Devil Dice
# Everybody’s Golf
# Klonoa
# Kurushi Final
# Motor Toon Grand Prix
# Namco Museum
# Namco Museum 2
# Namco Museum 4
# Omega Boost
# Ridge Racer
# Ridge Racer Type 4
# Rollcage
# Spyro: Year of the Dragon
# Tekken 2
# Tekken 3
# Twisted Metal
# Vib Ribbon
# Wip3out
# WipeOut 2097

When these titles are due is anyones guess but I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’m still waiting for Resi 1, Vagrant Story, FFVII (I have it on disc but still…) etc.

I’ve been tempted to get a PSP again (sold my last one to a friend) just for the PSOne games that I can put on it!!

PSOne Titles Headed for Euro PSN

  • ccc

    vib ribbon **** yes :dance:

  • Wonder if Vib Ribbon will still use CDs or if it’ll be able to access music on the hard drive. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

  • vib ribbon was never released in north america, if i remember correctly… i hope it makes it over here via PSN.

    but yeah, more ps1 titles would be great. they’ve been so slow at releasing them!

  • Pc

    I want Resident Evil !!! Where is it ??

  • I want a weekly Sony Employee’s favourite TOP 3 of PSone games comming to PSN