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Forthcoming PSOne Titles Bound for PSN |

Seems as though European ratings board, PEGI, has leaked a list of forthcoming PSOne titles that are heading for the Euro PS Store:

# Bust a Groove
# Crash Bandicoot 3
# Colony Wars
# Cool Boarders 2
# Cool boarders 3
# Destruction Derby 2
# Devil Dice
# Everybody’s Golf
# Klonoa
# Kurushi Final
# Motor Toon Grand Prix
# Namco Museum
# Namco Museum 2
# Namco Museum 4
# Omega Boost
# Ridge Racer
# Ridge Racer Type 4
# Rollcage
# Spyro: Year of the Dragon
# Tekken 2
# Tekken 3
# Twisted Metal
# Vib Ribbon
# Wip3out
# WipeOut 2097

When these titles are due is anyones guess but I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’m still waiting for Resi 1, Vagrant Story, FFVII (I have it on disc but still…) etc.

I’ve been tempted to get a PSP again (sold my last one to a friend) just for the PSOne games that I can put on it!!

PSOne Titles Headed for Euro PSN


  1. vib ribbon **** yes :dance:

  2. Wonder if Vib Ribbon will still use CDs or if it’ll be able to access music on the hard drive. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

  3. vib ribbon was never released in north america, if i remember correctly… i hope it makes it over here via PSN.

    but yeah, more ps1 titles would be great. they’ve been so slow at releasing them!

  4. I want Resident Evil !!! Where is it ??

  5. I want a weekly Sony Employee’s favourite TOP 3 of PSone games comming to PSN

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