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CoD4 Patch Coming Soon |

fourtwozero has this to say on the Infinity Ward forums:

Well I’m back from GDC, sorry for the lack of direct updates from me last week as my internet access was limited while in San Francisco. I did want to let you guys know however that the PS3 Feature Patch for Worldwide users (except for Japan and Korea) is starting it’s certification process.

It finished up internal QA at Activision today and is making it’s way to Sony so I probably won’t make the official “Hooray we’re in cert on PS3” post till tomorrow but I wanted to let you guys know that it’s on it’s way there. The great news is that both the US and Worldwide versions of the patch are going to cert at the same time so no one should be left waiting while the others are going through cert.

This patch includes all the new features we’ve talked about such as Quick Mute, Additional Kill Cams, Recently Met Players, Sniper Rifle Improvement, Acog Scope Improvement, more Spawn Points, general connectivity optimization, etc.

Sounds cool. I’m especially looking forward to the mute capability.

PS3 Worldwide Feature Patch starting Certification Process

  • Mute option will be very nice. Some people are so annoying on there.

    🙂 I’m over half way to earning my golden light machine gun, mwhahaha

  • Pc

    Hell yeah !!! Now i can finally mute all of those morons out there !!! 🙂

  • Riggins44

    We have heard this before about a patch. I am not cynical by nature, but will not hold my breath on this one. The mute function is very appealing.

  • Emrah

    Coming soon as in 3 to 4 months, judging form their last performance. Tho, the mute function is awesome. No longer I’ll have to stand idiot chants and crappy music (or music, to begin with)..

  • HachiRoku

    Yeah, I stopped playing it because of the lack of a MUTE option. Guess I can finally go online again! Sweet!

  • 360 got there update today, hopefully we’ll get it soon, like this weekend.

  • Foster

    Hopefully this is the end of “Error, could not connect to host” I’m guessing this doesn’t include rumble functionality or any new maps? =(

  • No. IW have said that there’s no rumble functionality in the works. Maps are coming in a separate update that’ll cost.