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Concave PS3 Triggers |

Some cool cancave triggers were included in a magazine in Europe a while back, and pretty soon you’ll be able to buy similar ones here in North America for only $10 at Amazon.


I think it’s a neat idea. I’d like to try them out, but I think I’ll wait for some reliability reports first!

Messiah Entertainment to release PS3 triggers in NA


  1. I’d rather have 4 triggers in a package, who cares about the metal part. I’m tempted though. Do they stay on pretty well?

  2. lots of my mates have got them but the mag is sold out everywhere i go now.

  3. Have them, love them…perfect for Burnout. Really secure but easy to click on.

  4. I want some of these !!! I’ll need 8 of them though…

  5. I got them with PSW and they are amazing. They’re easy to clip on and your fingers don’t slip off them during a game, like they do with thr current ones.

  6. kingkerouac

    Not Europe. The magazine was in the United Kingdom

  7. I purchased PS3Magazine in Melbourne, Australia, and they were not available outside the UK, but I emailed the editor of the magazine, and he sent me 2 sets of the triggers!! They are great, the brand name is Gioteck “NON-SLIP TRIGGER ENHANCEMENT FOR PS3”. Seriously guys, when they come out for sale, grab them, they feel 10 times better than the current L2 and R2 triggers! I actually saw a set of these on ebay sell for 20 British Pounds! I rate them 10/10, but when they do come out for sale, make sure they are GIOTECK!

  8. They got a website coming soon…

  9. it doesnt ****in go on it doesnt work

  10. Blackstaffer

    No need for vulgarity.

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