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MLB’08 The Show |

Any baseball fans out there?


I don’t watch sports and I don’t like sports games, but I noticed that IGN gave this game a strong review (8.7), so I checked the demo out.


I’m clueless when it comes to sports games. They just aren’t my cup of tea. But I was pleasantly surprised by this title. It seemed easy to get into, but deep enough to keep players interested. The animation seemed particularly lifelike.

So has anyone checked this out? Does anyone on this site play sports games at all?

  • francois

    I played the demo many time and I am amazed at how this games looks and play. I tweaked it a little bit to have more chance at the bat so I can concentrate more on the strategic element rather then testing my hitting reflexes. I like baseball a lot, but don’t really care about MLB. It is too bad there is no market for a pure fun oriented baseball game with fictious players name and team (baseball simulator 1000 on NES is my all time favorite baseball game).

    I haven’t buy any baseball games since the Sega Genesis era but I am definitely picking this one. I was about to get Konami’s cartoonish MLB Pro baseball for ps2 until I tried the MLB The Show demo.

  • Pc

    I’m not into baseball at all, or sport games either, anymore. I would much rather wait for Army of Two here in a couple more days.

  • Brandon

    I love baseball always have. Ive been looking forward to this game all year. Definitely picking this one up. I had 07 the show for ps2 and 06 for PSP and those were even the best back then. These guys know how to make a baseball sim. I just wish EA would let go of the NFL license so Sony could make a football sim better than madden. But 08 the show is the Madden of Baseball games.

  • iFlash

    I tried the demo and I usually pick up a baseball game every few years and this one probably will be it. The demo is pretty impressive and the feature list is amazing.(The Show)

  • I play FIFA08 almost 2 or 3 hours everyday.
    The online is very good…

    I used to love PES, but PES2008 PS3 is a joke.