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GameRevolver’s Army of Two Review |


Army of Two is one of those titles that I thought would go the way of Kane and Lynch. Two totally unlikable characters in a game with many problems. But here’s the second review I’ve seen of Army of Two that gives the game props. GameRevolver scores Army of Two really high in almost every category except Replay Value.

They summarize by saying:

Bottom line, EA has created a game that has captured our manhood, and hearts. This is truly a unique title, that has created a whole new way to play games. With any luck, we will see this one hit trilogy status in the next several years, as I just can’t get enough.

That’s pretty much the gist of the other review I saw, which I now forget the location of. Maybe I’ll just have to pick this one up sooner than I expected…

Article: Army of Two

  • If it has 2 player local co-op (remember when we could play games in the same room as our friends??), I may just consider it!

  • I’m pretty sure it does!

  • Darrin

    Did you play Kane & Lynch? I expected junk based on the critical consensus, but the game turned out to be surprisingly good.

    I will definitely keep an eye out on this one. Sometimes the publishers only let the positive reviews get released early, so I will need to see more.

  • Gary

    Does it have online co-op? I stopped caring about this game a while back but I may still pick it up if reviews are good.

    It’s out this Friday along with Dynasty Warriors 6…double purchase maybe!

  • I too care more about online coop than local… Although now, more often than not, I do play games in coop here (like PJM^^)

    I do hope though, that my best friend finally buys his PS3^^ His missus approved (she is an avid “Mario gamer” and I sorta convinced her too^^), but he is still adament about the price.

    But back to topic… The synopsis sounds interesting enough for me to at least check it out via rental

  • I’ve been keeping an eye on this one for ages, and hoping EA wouldn’t screw it up. Might just have to get it after all!

  • Pc

    I’m almost certain that this game has both offline and online co-op. I can’t wait to pick it up on wednesday, but If it doesn’t atleast get an 8 from most reviewers though, i won’t get it. I’m no longer rushing out to pick up games just because of hype or anything, i check multiple reviews first 🙂