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Rumor: PlayStation Store Redesign |

There is rumor going around that the PS Store will be redesigned in April, and have the same look and feel as the Singstar store. Check out the video below for the Singstar store.

I really love the look of that store, the sooner the PS Store losses the web interface and switches to the PS3 OS the better. The current PS Store is honestly boring to look at and browse. But at least it has some great content from time to time. Also rumored is the long awaited video downloads. This will just be for North America for now. No concrete details from Sony on any of this yet though.

Rumored PSN Store redesign to include video downloads?

  • While that would certainly be nice, it’s not a big deal for me. I don’t spend a lot of time in the store. It’s more of an image thing, really. The PSN store looks crappy next to the competition, so they have to make it look nicer.

  • Solid_Nat

    Maybe America is getting the video downloads instead of PlayTV over here in the UK.

    Redesign would be cool, wonder if these rumors of a redesign are to do with the video service, something like the Singstore interface would work well for video. I reckon the PSN store will disappear once Home finally arrives!

  • The interface of the Singstar shop is really nice and friendly. It really flows. while the PSN interface feels very static and even a bit akward.