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PSN Interview Snippets |

Gamasutra did a massive interview with John Hight, SCEA’s director of product development.

First, the rumored PSN UI upgrade is directly confirmed:

I think you will see a pretty big change in the PlayStation Network in the early part of April, where we roll out some new interface stuff largely based on customer feedback.

Here’s another noteworthy quote:

Here’s a loaded question: What are you going to do to beat Microsoft in this space? And Nintendo as well, as they get into it.

JH: In terms of our objectives, we’ve already beat them, and I think we are vindicated in our strategy, because [snip]

Anyone agree with this? I don’t. I don’t mean to be too picky, that’s obviously optimistic spokesperson talk, but there are two areas that PSN needs to improve:

Quantity + Range of Titles

PSN is awesome, it has a great selection of titles, and it smokes the online content that Xbox was delivering in the not so distant past, but today XBL is delivering a steady flow of a wider variety of titles. Sony’s official line is, to paraphrase: “quality over quantity”, but that’s a lame excuse. PSN is doing great, but they still have a ways to go.

Specficially, I’d like to see a larger range of titles; right now almost all PSN titles are twitch action or puzzle titles. How about some narrative driven adventure games and strategy titles as well.

Hobbyist Development

For real hobbyist developer support, the PS3 needs publically available hobbyist tools. Xbox has Live Creator’s Club, and the PS3 has nothing comparable.

Ultimately, the real king of hobbyist development isn’t anything from Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo; it’s Flash and other PC centric dev tools like OGRE and Torque. But it’s still important for Sony to have a competitive offering in this area.

  • gb

    PSN smokes live…mmmmm… not 100% sure on that, even when Live first lauched it had more games then PSN does atm.
    Im bored of shooters for christ sake and why cant sony release psn games at the same time world wide like MS does 95% of the time for arcade games. We are still waiting for Pain & bowling in europe. Hopefully the relaunch in April will relaunch their strategy, the worlds bigger then USA sony

  • mrfodder

    I agree with gb. PSN Europe sucks. Did you see the last update? SCEE is so poor on the PSN front that MS must be laughing.

  • Solid_Nat

    USA has the biggest market, quickest return on investment, movies, DVD’s most company’s in the entertainment market launch in the USA. Sometimes the wait for us Europeans pays off with extra features or bugs ironed out by the time we get it, its only the often rabid coverage of games and DLC on the net that makes us want something before we can have it. If we didn’t know USA had PAIN last year then it wouldn’t really bother us that we haven’t got it now!

  • Darrin

    You guys misread that.

    I said that XBL still beats PSN in terms of online content. But PSN smokes what Live was doing over a year ago, it’s just both services have grown.

  • Flynn

    recently the psn has been lacking…hardcore. i cannot remember a worthwhile store update in the last month or two. sure, every now and then we get a good pixeljunk game or a puzzle game but come on. i am tired of puzzle games and shooters. the psn has no variety in its games and recently very little demos and games have become available. i didn’t buy my ps3 to watch trailers or videos so stop bringing them to the psn without a few games or demos. and rock band and GHIII doesnt count in my book as worthwhile additions to the psn. not that i dont play it, but they shouldnt be considered in the count so to speak. the psn has a long way to go before it trumps xbl.

  • US no longer has the biggest market. USA 300 million souls (wikipedia at ) vs European Union 495.128.529 or 495 million souls (from eurostat at,45323734&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&screen=welcomeref&open=/C/C1/C11&language=en&product=Yearlies_new_population&root=Yearlies_new_population&scrollto=0 ) There is no excuse for Sony to neglect Europe and I think that we shouldn’t put up with it either

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