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Army of Two or R6 Vegas 2? |

I’m in a pickle.

This month I have enough moola to spend on one game. I can buy Army of Two, releasing this week, or I can buy Rainbow Six Vegas 2, due out in the middle of March. I would be buying either of these games primarily for the two player splitscreen co-op modes. I doubt that I would go online with Army of Two, but I might with R6V2, just because I think the game types in R6V2 seem to be more my style. Even then, I doubt that I’d spend much time online there either. (Might as well just pop in CoD4.)

Army of Two is totally built around the co-op experience. And while R6V2 has a co-op mode, it seems like the second is more along for the ride. On the other hand, it looks like R6V2 will probably be a much more polished game with some fun levelling-up to do.

So like I said, I’m in a pickle. Anyone have any thoughts?

  • Jason

    I won’t be buying RB6V2 unless ubisoft has improved the framerate over the original PS3 Vegas. I popped it in a little while ago after playing COD4 for a few weeks and in comparison Vegas felt like a slideshow.

  • Solid_Nat

    RB6V2 all the way, will be more popular online for longer the AO2.

  • macdumpy

    Army Of Two deserves the 78% it’s been getting in the press as of late (ranging from 85-70%). Assuming 50% is ‘baseline’ – the game is definitely better than a baseline game, just not outstanding.

    However, I should note that CoD4 has ruined me for many games — that is the new benchmark for me. Because of games like CoD4, Army of Two now has a ‘budget’ feel to it graphically. Heavy aliasing, and lack of effects, just don’t make me say ‘wow’ — that is not to say they are BAD, just not great.

    The co-op game-play isn’t as complex as I would have liked — again my ‘bar’ would be Splinter Cell for co-op. Army of Two falls short of that. It’s not very complex, if you could imagine – Quake or 4 player Co-op Doom would be closer. It’s a fun ‘arcade’ shooter – no where near the depth seen in other games, but the upside is that it’s very friendly for playing co-op with less experienced gamers (I get split screen gaming time with my gaming-illerate brother).

    Online, the nature of pure-coop play isn’t very conducive to ‘pickup’ games – i.e. you need to know your peer in order to play competitively. For example, in CoD4 if one player on your 6 player isn’t very good, it has a small (17%) impact on the team. But in Army of Two, a poor player, has 50% impact.

    In conclusion – graphically, complexity, and online are all passable, just not A+. With a dedicated friend to play (split/online) with, the game definitely gains ground, but stays short of an A title. I don’t think this game will have legs though, as co-op vs. computer replay value is low, and the lack of good pickup games online, makes it a little risky for a single game purchase. As an addition to an existing collection, it’s solid, it just can’t stand on it’s own. I strongly suggest waiting. Wait and see what the reviews of RB6V2 say.

    It’s not an A title, but a solid B.

  • HachiRoku

    After having a blast with Rainbow Six Vegas online co-op, I will DEFINITELY be picking up R6V2. I am not even considering Army of Two, because it is strictly 2 players, whereas R6V is up to 4 players co-op. I’m hoping the maps in R6V2 will be bigger, and missions longer. My biggest gripe with GRAW2 and R6V was the online co-op missions only lasted about 5-10minutes! That’s crazy…
    At least R6V had *lots* of maps to play through. GRAW2 was a real let down.
    Jason, with regards to your framerate issue, comparing CoD4 to R6V… yeah, I know nothing out there is really as slick as CoD4, but then again, all the Rainbow6/Ghost Recon games always had that ‘slow feel’ to them. It’s about tactics and one-shot kills. Whereas CoD4 can be played almost as a run-and-gun, ala Quake style. So it may not be fair to compare the two…
    (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE CoD4 to death. But will only start playing online again when the MUTE feature patch comes out)

  • MetalProxy

    Army of Two is a solid Meh. I wish I would have rented it. RSV2 is going to rock…hopefully.

  • Nando Redrum

    Dude, find a way to get both. Army of Two is fun as hell, and R6:V2 will be even better than the first. Rainbow definitely has more longevity than any other shooter I’ve played, including COD4.

  • Hoferman

    I think you should get army of two. i have got it. online isnt very good and sometimes doesnt work but the offline game is awesome. i have seen many images and videos of Vegas and i cant see enough difference or improvement on the first vegas. So i wondered which one to get as well and i chose army of two. I am pleased with my decision.