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Video: Burnout Paradise DLC Coming Soon |

The first video shows a bridge leading to a new area on the map I assume. Plus there is a new car called “Dust Storm”. I’ll probably pick this up when it’s out. I’ve really enjoyed Burnout Paradise so far. But I still miss the crash mode.

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

  • If this is leading to the airport – which was on the original map, but not in the final game – I’ll be a bit miffed if it’s charged for.

    I’m okay with paying for DLC that is developed AFTER release and adds to the game. But if they removed the airport only to add it later and charge for it, I’ll be pissed off.

  • flynn110

    this seems to be the trend recently. release dlc and make additional money off of the game. it seems that many of these publishers have the code and content ready before launch but choose to hold content back to release it with an additional pricetag attached. i like dlc but i can see it start to get out of control very soon. goodbye $60 games hello $95 games.

  • Next to that Burnout Paradise seems incomplete due to lack of 2 player split screen 🙁

  • I know that on the 360, this has been fairly common for some time – release a game disc with all ‘extra’ content on, then charge for a small (100k) file which ‘patches’ the game to unlock content already on the disc.

    I would HATE to see this happen on the PS3, and if EA removed the airport just to sell it to people later, it’s the same thing – irrespective of whether it’s already on the disc, or we do actually download it.

    If this does turn out to be the airport, I’m not sure whether I’ll actually buy it. IF they charge for it, which I’m assuming they will.

  • John Slyfield

    I have heard that the airport was developed priort to the release of the game. However, it appears that the content will be released later, and there will be no charge.

    My guess is they werent quite done developing the area, so they had to delay it. However, ti will probably be a substantial download. So XBOX Arcade users probably will not be able to download this update. Sorry!!!

  • lumberjack007

    the map expansion is free and the cars will be say to play and if you go on criterions website it says so. Instead of guessing do some research.