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Phil Harrison |

As we know, Phil Harrison, the former head of Sony’s worldwide studios, left Sony and is now president of Infogrames.

The big question is why? That’s a big drop from heading the worldwide studios of Sony to running a small shop like Infogrames. I don’t know, but here are a few theories:

  • He’s Trading Scope for Control: At Sony, Mr. Harrison clearly had influence over a vast range of studios, but how much influence did he have? Was there a lot of red tape and conflicting politics getting in his way? Maybe Infogrames has some investment capital ready, is planning a big expansion effort, and was able to offer Mr. Harrison more control over molding the software teams and vision that he wanted to see happen?
  • Other: Were others at Sony unhappy with him? Did he greenlight too many bad projects? Personal issues? Who knows?


What impact will this have? I don’t think anyone outside Sony Management knows. Who knows what his specific contributions were? Regardless, many of my favorite titles are from Sony studios and I hope to see that type of innovation continue.

Does anyone think we will see big things from Infogrames in the next few years?

  • John

    More prosaically, he could just have moved for a raise.

  • When you get to the level of a Phil Harisson yourself, you’ll notice how funny that comment of yours was John. When you’re that high up, it’s defenitly not the numbers on your paycheck that motivate you to move.

  • Carl;)G

    Maybe he just wanted a new challenge???
    He was with Sony for 15 years.
    I’d LOVE hes old job!!! ;-P

  • Given the timing, I think it could be related to his comments about Sony Japan not “embracing social gaming”.

  • Atari has been missmanaged for years so I am very pleased with the move for that reason, but also this gives Phil the chance to really show everybody what he is worth.

  • Lol show what he is worth…