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IGN’s Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Video Review |

Check out IGN’s crappy review of Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds below:

Why is it crappy? Lets see. The reviewer says Hot Shots Golf could do with more content, such as more courses yet fails to mention exactly how many courses there actually are in the game. “A handful”. How many is that exactly?! 😕

My next major issue with the ‘review’ is the online play in HSG. You can set up a one off game with 8 players all taking part or set up a tournament with up to 50 players taking part. Cool but what about the stuff that actually matters like the lobby or party system? What about the voice chat, if there is any? Can you send messages to people in the game? Is there an in-game friends list? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE FFS!!!!!

EDIT: Henning just reminded me that there is no mention of how many players can play locally, if that is even an option!

If people are going to review a game why don’t they actually review the damn thing instead of doing a brief overview of it, which is actually what that video ‘review’ is.

It’s not the first time I’ve had issues with a review from IGN or other major gaming sites. These guys are supposed to be professional games journalists right? Then why the hell can’t they do a proper review of a product! 👿

Anyway, enough of my rant. This game is due out in the UK at the end of March under the name Everybody’s Golf: World Tour and I’ll hopefully be picking it up once I know more about the online play and exactly how many courses are in it. 🙄

The two demos I played of it (Japanese and NA versions) had already convinced me to buy it, and I know from experience that previous games have always been immense fun. The online side of things should add an extra dimension to it though.

IGN’s Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Video Review

  • “Duh, this is a videogame… you play it with this ‘controller’ thingy… it makes pretty colours on the magic window!”

  • mrfodder

    6 courses according to the IGN written review. Why mention in one and not the other I don’t know. I do know I’ll be picking this one up. My wife is addicted to demo.

  • 6 courses is pretty crappy. I smell a DLC rat.

  • The HSG series never was that loaded down with courses- 6 has usually been the magic number for them.

    Anyhoo, some multiplayer details (have had the japanese version since it came out, couldn’t wait for it to be localized. As an FYI, this info comes from the english translation fold out that came with the game)- up to four players can play offline.

    As for online, there is no voice chat at all- you can type via a USB keyboard in the lobby as well as between holes when in-game, pretty much identical to how things were in HSG 4 on the PS2. For the lazy/ keyboard-less there is a menu of stock phrases you can select from. There are multiple “club houses” to choose from, each with multiple floors and lobbies within each floor, each with their own games in tournament and player-created vs modes.

    One thing about the lobbies is you walk around with an avatar to talk to people and you can customize this av with various clothes/ accessories and some oddball choices (a hemet from a suit of armor, for example). You can also make the av do several different reactions for being happy, mad, etc. using the right analog stick mixed at times with the L1 button.

    The pamphlet doesn’t say anything about in-game messaging to other players or any sort of integration with the friends list so i can’t say for sure there. I haven’t messed with the online play on my copy as of yet but i plan to once I get the North American version.

    The one thing I’ve been wondering about with this game’s onlne play is if it is actually “global”, as in can play anyone regardless of which version they are playing, or if we are limited to regionalized by the versions like Motorstorm and many others are.

  • Gary

    Thanks for the info Lyndon! I’m very disappointed there’s no voice chat. I like to play and chat with my friends so not being able to chat, especially in a fun game like this, is a big letdown.

  • No voice comms is a bit of a let-down, but I guess there’s always a chance that it may have been added to the Euro/US versions prior to release. GT5P in Europe/US has more than the Japanese version, so it’s not out of the question.

    Mind you, we know in-game XMB is coming, so hopefully it won’t be an issue for long.

  • Plastik8

    Well I have the JPN version too, and judging by that video I can tell you two things;

    1- It hasn’t changed from the JPN version one single bit.
    2- IGN only played it for about 10 minutes before doing that video review.

    Another thing that I can tell you is that the online component of the game is one of the best on PS3 that I have experienced. It almost feels like a MMO, especially with the amount of updates that were released!

    Answering Lyndon’s question; Not sure about other versions, but the Japanese version can only be played online against other Japanese version gamers.

    What really bugs me is why it took so long to be released outside of Japan, when it appears none of the content has been updated…

  • Plastik8

    Also answering the offline multiplayer question;

    Up to 2 player for match play and 4 player for normal stroke type games.

  • sheamus

    No voice chat! That is ridiculous. I like my online golf games to be a sort of social experience. I have used a game of Links 2004, with voice chat in-place of a phone call before.

    This was a day one buy for me. But without voice chat, I will wait for the next version.


  • Looking at the post just made over at Sony’s official blog it does sound like they did go global with the North American version- they do say you can talk to players from all over the world in the lobbies. Here’s hoping, at least- i know some people in the UK I want to play against.