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Motorstorm 2 Trailer [Update: Details] |

Wow, that looks very fun 🙂 Hopefully we’ll see some actual game play soon.

Some official info on the game at last. It’s based on a tropical island, huge variety in environmental hazards, has monster trucks, and four-player split-screen mode. The game is out in fall.

For full details hit the link below.


  • That’s very cool.

    But too short! More racing, less flying over water!

  • iFlash

    @Henning – Yeah I wish there was more racing and better yet I wish they had some in game to show.

  • 16 tracks
    4 player splitscreen
    16 players online

    Two of the largest criticisms against the first game are addressed. More tracks and splitscreen!


  • I hope, this game will look more like the trailer now… As speed and the like are very important 😀

    And, that you don’t explode, everytime you fall over on your bike (like in the trailer, where she picks it up again)

  • Darrin

    The first Motorstorm was just too simple. I’d like to see a campaign system or more race types.

    After you’d raced around the first one a few times, I felt like you had pretty much seen everything it had to offer.

  • Gary

    Awesome! 😆

    I want a greater sense of speed and as Segitz says, vehicles that don’t explode so easily!

  • Carl;)G

    Thought at the begging of the video it was going to be called ‘BoaterStorm’!
    ;-D With that sea&the boats;) Looks cool, can’t wait!;-P

  • Burten

    4 player splitscreen 😀
    There IS a God..

    And looking forward to the patch, witch gives the same in the original game 😉