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Killzone 2 Website Merges with the PlayStation Network |

I linked mine just in case. Maybe this is gearing up for a Beta of Killzone? If you don’t have a account just create one and when you click on the activation link you’ll have the option to link with your PSN account. Just login to your PSN account and your done.

Hopefully the North American PlayStation Forums link with the PSN like Europe is doing soon. I remember on one of the Home videos, Phil Harrison showed us a quick personal Home web page. I would assume this would be linked to your PSN account. Maybe all the PSN linking is prep work for what’s coming in the next couple months? now connects up to your PSN account as of just now

  • Are you absolutely sure this site is legit? When i clicked the link to sign up for an account at killzone it gave me a certificate warning, as if the thing may be a fraud.

  • I went here to register

    I didn’t get any cert warning. It says it’s with Versign until 10.23.09

  • Trieloth

    I signed up but it seemed weird that they just wanted my email address associated with my PSN id and didnt ask for my name of my PSN name. oh well I have my figures crossed.

  • Børten

    The same “merge” happened when I visited Forum earlier today..
    Tosh and Trie : I added the both of you, hope its ok?

  • For which region? And ya it’s fine Borten 🙂

  • Trieloth

    No problem Borten.