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PlayStation Store Update 3.13.08 [Update] |

Man what’s up with SCEE, another sad update. Hopefully the flood gates open when the PlayStation Store gets redesigned. For those that don’t have Rock Band or Guitar Hero III, these are boring updates.

Glad to see the Toy Home add-on has arrived. That’s good and bad news for me. Good news if that my GF will love it and play it. Bad news, less PS3 time for me, lol.

North America

-MLB 2K8 demo
-Toy Home Expansion Pack – $6.99

-Guitar Hero 3 – Drop Kick Murphys Pack – FREE
–“Famous for Nothing”
–“Flannigan’s Ball”
–“Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya”

-PAIN – Character “Muffy” (Cheerleader) – $0.99
-PAIN – Character “Ginger” (Nurse) – $0.99

-Rock Band tracks – SXSW – $0.99 each:
–Serj Tankian – “Beethoven’s C***” (Master)
–Black Tide – “Shockwave” (Master)
–Paramore – “Crushcrushcrush” (Master)

-Hot Shots Golf 5 – “Characters and Courses”
-Hot Shots Golf 5 – “New Shot System”
-Viking – “Battle for Asgard”
-Viking – “Episode 1: Skarin’s Calling”
-Viking – “Episode 2: Siege of Caldburg”

-Condemned 2: Bloodshot themes (2 of them)
-God of War: Chains of Olympus theme
-PAIN – Character “Muffy” theme
-PAIN – Character “Ginger” theme

United Kingdom

-Guitar Hero III: Modern Metal Track Pack – €5.99 / £3.99 / AUD 9.95
–Avenged Sevenfold – “Almost Easy”
–Thrice – “The Arsonist”
–The Deftones – “Hole in the earth”


-PixelJunk Monsters theme


-Dark Mist Expansions – ¥100

6 Trailers

-Dark Mist themes (5 of them) – ¥100 each (Ummm, why are we paying for themes???!)

via NeoGAF

  • IdodgerI

    Sheesh, thats pretty poor. They should have bumped it up with the Motorstorm 2 trailer at least.

  • iFlash

    With this Diet PSN Store lately I hope Sony has BIG plans for the coming months.

  • Carl;)G

    Calm before the storm??? ;-D
    I’d say May they will go mad!;)
    PSN Store will have HOME,HaZe demo etc etc…

  • Is Sony kidding us with the last few updates??

    I mean, come on^^

    The European stores only got crap (except if you have GH3 and want additional music) the last weeks since nearly Christmas (i.e. nearly a whole quarter) and already the US store is starting to lack too…

    I really really hope Sony knows, what they are doing (i.e. waiting for the store update to put up new stuff), as I am growing tired of this pratice…

  • Wow Sony.. Certificate the COD4 patch already.. Last time I remember sony bragging about how much freedom they give developers, just let them release the patch, be it broken or not, and let developers deal with it. 360 has the patch, we are waiting.

  • mcloki

    I agree. Sony needs to release PS2 games on the PSN. Or start remaking old classics with HD graphics. I’d pay $5.99 for Asteroids. In vector art. And more movie trailers. Try and get a few other studios interested in showing off the trailers. And would it kill them to do a podcast weekly.
    Hire the 1up guys. They are going bankrupt anyways, Give them some cash and let them create a weekly half hour to hour long podcast that does exactly what 1up does now. For that matter take over the 1up show and make that a weekly half hour podcast. That would make the PSN weekly update really good.