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February Hardware Sales |


NPD (USA) Media Create (Japan) Total
360 254,600.00 10,096.00 264,696.00
PS3 280,800.00 69,202.00 350,002.00
PS2 351,800.00 42,924.00 394,724.00
PSP 243,100.00 262,645.00 505,745.00
Wii 432,000.00 288,359.00 720,359.00
NDS 587,600.00 224,899.00 812,499.00
  • These figures only include U.S. + Japan. Europe’s sales are significant, but reliable figures are harder to come by.
  • The above NPD and MediaCreate numbers cover a four week reporting period.
  • This is the second month in a row that PS3 has outsold the 360 in the U.S. Europe numbers would widen the sales gap significantly.
  • The 360 still has a commanding software lead in the U.S with five of the top ten selling titles. On the other hand, sales of Devil May Cry 4 were close on both 360 and PS3, with the 360 version being only 26% ahead.
  • Carl;)G

    Fantastic News ;-P

  • M$ claims that there 360 supply was low, and that’s why PS3 outsold them for the past 2 months. April should be interesting.

  • Spector

    Yeah, funny M$ is saying that because I don’t have any issues finding a stacks of X360s in any store I go to. April is going to be a great month for PS3. Gran Turismo, Home beta, MG4 Online beta. It’s going to be interesting indeed.

  • Darrin

    With Microsoft, I’m assuming that they are planning a new SKU in April and are diverting manufacture resources and delaying advertisement push until then. The only other possibility is that they are just having internal problems, but I suspect the new SKU is more likely.

    Sony has stacked up April to be a huge month as well: GT5:P, MGS4 preview, new online store, Dual Shock 3, and just maybe a Home beta.

    April should be very interesting.

    But way to go PS3! Strong sales in all territories.

  • Jason

    Every time I see these charts I’m baffled at how many PS2 are being sold. I would have thought that market segment would be absorbed by Nintendo. I can’t think of any other outgoing system hanging on the way the PS2 is.