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Rumor: PSN Schedule Leak? |

Not sure if this is bogus or not, but it’s interesting:


Ratchet DLC? PixelJunk Monsters DLC? That’a a nice lineup if true.

Fragcast Post on Leak


  1. SOCOM and Home in July, eh?

    Wonder if it’s true…

  2. Solid_Nat

    Looks pretty legit to me, some of the stuff in May/June etc doesn’t have firm dates which you would expect with a few months to go but the April stuff seems reasonable to expect…. on the SSHD front i only get one pack coming up and that is the multiplayer add-on, wonder if that is what this refers to…..

    Ratchet DLC, could that be for the PSP game….

  3. Did the PSP Ratchet feature pirates? I bet that DLC is for the PS3 version.

    This rumor has credibility because of lots of little believable tidbits like that.

  4. Great for Pixeljunk Monster Encore. They could release a 12 level pack every few months. Add a few more enemies or towers and I would be more than happy.
    Ratchet Quest for booty. It’s level one of Grand Theft Ratchet. Just kidding. Whatever it is. I will buy it. Insomniac has a first day purchase voucher with me.
    And for a second there I read Elfquest and had a brief highschool flashback.
    And SSD yes I’ll buy that.
    But I want a Smash TV clone. Maybe Robotron. I like mindless blowing things up kinds games.
    And it’s surprising there’s not Home trailer coming out before it launches. Don’t they want to prime the pump

  5. April 15th is my birthday^^

    It is a Tuesday however, so such a massive upgrade on the store is unlikely!

  6. I really hope this means Shivering Isles is out before then. The trailer suggested it is imminent.

  7. Hmm… seems strange that they wouldn’t list Rock Band DLC content as well. (which is weekly) Perhaps not as legit as everyone thinks?

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