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Rumor: PSN Schedule Leak? |

Not sure if this is bogus or not, but it’s interesting:


Ratchet DLC? PixelJunk Monsters DLC? That’a a nice lineup if true.

Fragcast Post on Leak

  • SOCOM and Home in July, eh?

    Wonder if it’s true…

  • Solid_Nat

    Looks pretty legit to me, some of the stuff in May/June etc doesn’t have firm dates which you would expect with a few months to go but the April stuff seems reasonable to expect…. on the SSHD front i only get one pack coming up and that is the multiplayer add-on, wonder if that is what this refers to…..

    Ratchet DLC, could that be for the PSP game….

  • Darrin

    Did the PSP Ratchet feature pirates? I bet that DLC is for the PS3 version.

    This rumor has credibility because of lots of little believable tidbits like that.

  • mcloki

    Great for Pixeljunk Monster Encore. They could release a 12 level pack every few months. Add a few more enemies or towers and I would be more than happy.
    Ratchet Quest for booty. It’s level one of Grand Theft Ratchet. Just kidding. Whatever it is. I will buy it. Insomniac has a first day purchase voucher with me.
    And for a second there I read Elfquest and had a brief highschool flashback.
    And SSD yes I’ll buy that.
    But I want a Smash TV clone. Maybe Robotron. I like mindless blowing things up kinds games.
    And it’s surprising there’s not Home trailer coming out before it launches. Don’t they want to prime the pump

  • April 15th is my birthday^^

    It is a Tuesday however, so such a massive upgrade on the store is unlikely!

  • Samus

    I really hope this means Shivering Isles is out before then. The trailer suggested it is imminent.

  • Hmm… seems strange that they wouldn’t list Rock Band DLC content as well. (which is weekly) Perhaps not as legit as everyone thinks?