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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Video Review |

IGN has a video review of the 360 version of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 available here:

The general consensus is that this is a good game, but it’s getting long in the tooth. It uses the same music as the first game, and graphics haven’t really been updated. Co-op gameplay still feels like it’s tacked on, though integration is better.

IGN says that this is a solid game, which will be enjoyable more for first time players, rather than those who might already have picked up the first game.

  • Kamesen

    Same music as the first iteration? That just wreaks of profit raking and stale motivation for game making.

    -“Hey guys, what are we gonna do for music?”
    -“Why don’t we just copy/paste the stuff from the old one?”

    Is there really a substantial amount of new content in this game? I read about the thermal scanning and such but… Well, let me know.

  • chaosatom333

    Hey, do u think I should pick up the first one or this one? First one would be a good deal if the price is dropped right? or no one is playing online in the frist one? maybe i’ll rent.
    But then the question is army of two or RSV2 ? Which has better co-op split screen offline and online?

  • I was wondering whether I should pick up Army of Two or RSV2 myself, and wrote a post about it. At the time, most people suggested waiting for RSV2. But now that we’ve seen the fact that the game doesn’t add much that’s new, I wonder if they’d change their minds.

    I don’t have Army of Two or RSV1. I had decided to wait for RSV2, and I still think I’ll stick with that decision.

  • HachiRoku

    Yes, the review was less than stellar, but I’ll be picking it up anyways. I had a load of fun playing online 4-player co-op on the first one. chaosatom333, you can pick up RSV1 for $25 (in Canada, at Futureshop/Best Buy).

  • Pc

    Hmmmmm….Don’t know if i should pick this one up ??!

  • I am sooo pumped for this game!!

  • HachiRoku

    Help!!! I am on the verge picking this up tomororw (when it arrives in Canada), but from all the reviews I’ve read, it looks like this game is ONLY 2 PLAYERS MULTIPLAYER when playing through the story mode. They only offer 4 players in “Terrorist Hunt”.
    Can someone who has the game confirm this???
    If it’s only 2 players co-op story mode, then that’s a deal breaker for me. =/

  • Wow

    Yeah this game is fun to look at, but there is a horrible lag on the PS3 no matter what your doing. The game was not very well played out. Not worth the trouble I spent to get it