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Why Does Activision Dislike the PS3? |

I’ve complained about Activision before. About the lack of headset or extra maps for Call of Duty 3. About the lack of any migration options for playing Guitar Hero PS2 games on the PS3. About the blockage Activision put on Harmonix’ patch to allow PS3 GH3 guitars to work with Rock Band. About their CoD4 beta for the 360, demo for the PC, and nothing for the PS3. Activision really seems to have it in for us PlayStation gamers.

What’s the latest?

That the upcoming map pack for CoD4 on the PS3 will be available only three weeks AFTER it’s available for the 360.

Gaaaaaa! Activision! Stop screwing us over!

Man I hope this rumour proves to be false.

Call of Duty 4 Map Pack Dated and Priced; Details on COD4: GOY Edition

  • Mike

    Activision is the new EA. I wish Infinity Ward was still independent so Activision wouldn’t release crappy versions of COD done by Treyarach.

  • Well, on the plus side, at least we’re getting the maps!

    I suppose MS have put their hand in their pocket again. There’s no other viable reason for it, and we know they don’t like ‘fair’ competition. I know Sony have said that they don’t need to pay for exclusives and things like this, but sometimes I wish they would.

    Or, you could look at it that they’re beta-testing the maps on Live so that we get the finished article…? 😉

    Either way, by the end of this year, the situation will be reversed, I’m sure.

  • Riggins44

    COD on the 360 has sold three times as many copies as the ps3 version. When the install bases in NA become more equal, the companies without a traditionally strong relationship with Sony will continue to make decisions like this. Reference Ubi and EA.

  • Riggins44

    I meant to say UNTIL…

  • The install base is irrelevant. The systems are both out in all territories, and the game was released at the same time on both platforms. As such, the install base should have no bearing on the release of the maps.

  • Beware the Sony Certification process..

  • Carl;)G

    How much money did Activision make out of games on the PS1 and PS2?
    Er LOADS!!! And they do this!!! :-/
    Oh well we will get it anyway soon;)
    p.s SONY! try and STOP Micro$oft buying everything to!!! :-/

  • iFlash

    I agree with Carl …its sad how much money these companies made off of PS1/2 and how they’ve all turned their back now. Its not just turning your back on Sony it’s the life long fans of their franchises that get the kick in the face. – N’Gai From Newsweek has an interesting blurb on this issue.

  • To be honest, who cares, only 360 fan boys who have no comebacks againt PS3 owners, as 360’s suck. Call Of Duty is a franchise that in my opinion died when CoD 3 was made. Battlefield Bad Company and Medal Of Honor 2010 are the new FPS games. Again, pathetic 360 fans wouldn’t like these games as they aren’t easy enough for them to get 25 Killstreaks straight away. So to all 360 gamers out there, you’re old news, 360’s are dieing along with the Call Of Duty franchise. Black Ops, just another over-anticipated game that 360 fans would love because of it easiness. Get on Medal Of Honor and get owned!