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Baja Racing Game – 4 Player Split! |

Here’s what may be a serious challenger to MotorStorm 2. It’s called Baja, and it’s from THQ.

The cool thing about this game? It supports four player splitscreen! Yay!

Another cool thing? In some races, you can combine several different classes of vehicles and make it a fair race by giving them different starting positions. So you can spend the whole race overtaking people, or trying to stay ahead of the fast pack behind your, or a combination. That sounds pretty sweet. Follow the link for a four page interview with THQ about Baja.

Baja Unveiled

  • Trieloth

    Meh… MotorStorm2 will be better than that game (it has split screen also). Plus it has a multiplatform look to it.

  • zanzibarlegend

    yawn. if i want to play canyon based off road i can play MS1, MS2 looks waaaaaay better, and has SS as my colleague here has mentioned. sorry homies, Motorstorm 2 FTW

  • Carl;)G

    MotorStorm 2 looks better er well that video did for MotorStorm 2.
    Can’t wait for some 4 player off-line games!!! ;-P
    Hmm i need two more DS3 pads now!;)