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Resident Evil 5 Off-Screen Gameplay Video |

There’s a special DVD being bundled with Japanese mag Famitsu this Friday celebrating 25 years of Capcom. On the DVD is footage of Resident Evil 5 being played by a member of the dev team, plus an interview with a producer on the game. Check out the action in the video below:

That looks superb!! I love the Resi games and Resi 5 will be a definite day one purchase for me and by the looks of that vid, the game will not disappoint. The lighting effects look amazing, especially the shadows when Chris moves in-doors.

Resident Evil 5 Off-Screen Gameplay Footage

  • Jason

    Looks great, but I hope they let you kill more than just African men and women. The graphics and animation are so photorealistic that I’m afraid a great game will be ruined by racial bullshat.

    Does anyone know if they take aim at other races or is it entirely Afro-centric?

  • Tim Hill

    I dont think it is Africa, apparently it is Haiti. The other villagers in RE4 were of a white shade, i wouldnt think it would cause racial tension after all they are zombies ,white black or yellow!

  • Trieloth

    ?? who cares about the racial BS. Its alright to shot Germans over and over and over but not Africans? Man people just need crap to whine about it seems.

    The game looks freaking AWESOME!! RE5 > every other game

  • Jason

    Yeah but I don’t think Nazis and Germans are one and the same.

    Everyone knows it’s all good to kill zombies, it’s just that these post-modern zombies don’t look like the George Romero zombies that most people are comfortable with.

    [insert screenshot of the Haitian woman getting blown apart with the shotgun]

    I think that there will be vastly different reactions to this game in Japan, Canada, US and Europe. In Canada, where I am, whenever I’ve shown the E3 trailer to friends it makes some people uncomfortable. Just an observation.

  • Jason

    ps. Just re-read my comment and I don’t want anyone to misinterpret. I’m not trying to spawn a political discussion. I’m pretty sure I will buying the game on day one, it looks awesome/exciting/scary, I just don’t want to be ashamed to play it.

    Also, I like Germans. A lot. Especially the artists and engineers.

  • Carl;)G

    It looks well good ;-P Can’t wait for this game ;-P