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Final GTA IV Trailer |

Check out the final trailer of what will surely be the biggest selling game of 2008 (that’s GTA IV in case you were wondering):

*watches in HD*

It’s not the best trailer, not by a long way, but it still has me excited about playing GTA IV come April 29th! 😀

Final GTA IV Trailer

  • Mike

    If this game holds up on the technical end (frame rate, etc) it should be amazing.

  • Andy

    In terms of PS3 sales only, I think it’ll be very close between GTA4, MGS and GT5 for the top game of 2008. I plan on buying all 3, and I can hardly wait!!!

  • Darrin

    This looks awesome! I don’t think we’ve had a game of this scope in years.

  • I think I just nutted myself …. 33 days and waiting

  • John

    All these trailers have me worried about framerate… there is some insane stuttering going on in all of them…

  • Carl;)G

    I just want to see real gameplay footage really??? :-/
    +Hope they do some GTA4 + PS3 HOME stuff;)
    It will hopefully shut up the xbox fans going on and on about their GTA4 DLC!
    (even tho they don’t know what it is yet???)

  • The framerate is going to suck, if these videos are any indication of what’s ahead.

  • matt

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Rockstar might not release the perfect game but flaws have never hindered game play (at least not for me).

    This will be the best game to play all year on any system period.