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SOCOM Confrontation – September 16 |


SOCOM Confrontation is coming out on September 16th. I heard that it only has seven maps, so it better be a half price title!

1UP had this to say about the game:

To celebrate this news, tomorrow Sony will be launching, an online community site devoted to the game. Pre-release, the site will provide regular news updates as well as a place for fans to get together. Once the game has launched, gamers will discover full integration with the website, including near real-time stat tracking, clan management tools, and more.

SOCOM Confrontation Marching Out on September 16

  • Jason

    I used to be really excited by this series. There are 9 other Socom’ers that I work with and we’ve all bought each and every installment of the series. If your counting that’s 36 units and roughly $2000 just from one measly group at arms length of one another. So we’re obviously excited about the next(current)-gen version.

    But so far the screenshots and videos show a sorely outdated game engine. Hardly any objects, vehicles, soldiers cast shadows. The animations are clunky. And the frame rate is as choppy as ever.

    If COD4 or the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company had an optional 3rd person perspective, I think that would be the end of SOCOM for us.

    I hope the extra time they’re taking is to do some serious polishing and not just to finish of extra maps.

  • Darrin

    What does SOCOM do that differentiates it from the zillion other multiplayer shooters out there? How is this different than Rainbow Six, Team Fortress, Warhawk, Call of Duty, Resistance, UT3, etc?

    I’ve never played SOCOM yet, but I know it had a huge fanbase.

  • derrickgott007

    Keep in mind the version shown is no where near done and that Zipper is developing Socom 4 for the PS3. This is meerly just a GT5Prologue type game meant only for online.

    Still looks better than all the past Socoms. Hey Henning don’t be so harsh. All the rest of the Socoms had very few maps. They have said more DLC (meaning maps and guns and modes) to come. They are asking in a survey which other maps people would like to see redone from Socom1.

  • derrickgott007

    @ Jason…..

    The lack of vehicles is because the so called socom elite players cry and cry for them to be taken out. so the developer listens and then people cry for them to be put in. So you get effectivly 6 of one or a half dozen of another. Slant Six has stated many times that vehicles might be added at a later time via DLC. They’ve stated they developed the game to be open ended so they can come back and add things……. so what have we learned? Research is our friend before we start slamming the developer. I’ve beta tested pretty much all the socom gaves to date and look forward to testing this one.

  • Jason

    It’s hard to put into words. I think among other things, I never hear little kids screaming in my ear. There are real tactical discussions during every round. It feels like a real life competitive event like meeting guys to play basketball or hockey or …squash. Sniper camping is not necessarily frowned upon, rather it’s part of team strategy. Skill and cunning are rewarded. Respawn is not the dominant game type.

    I hope you’re right. Btw, I don’t mind the exclusion of vehicles. I was refering to the fact that even in the latest screenshots the lighting effects are very crude. The cars, crates, and even soldiers don’t cast shadows on themselves or in some cases, even at all. It looks old.