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D+Pad Issue 6

D+Pad Issue 6

Of interest to PlayStation fans are previews of:

Resistance 2
Just Cause 2
Alone in the Dark
Brutal Legend

Plus reviews of:

God of War: Chains of Olympus
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Army of Two

There’s more but you’re going to have to download it to see for yourself. Leave any feedback in the comments please. 🙂

Download D+Pad Issue 6 in PDF or ZIP Here

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IR2BT – InfraRed to BlueTooth Converter for the PS3


Finally, a real but expensive solution for the lack of infrared support in the PS3. This little device will translate infrared commands to BlueTooth for the PS3 to understand. Including the Power On and Off buttons! Only problem is, this thing costs $55. If anybody buys this thing, please post your comments.

InfraRed to BlueTooth Converter for the PS3


Final GTA IV Trailer

Check out the final trailer of what will surely be the biggest selling game of 2008 (that’s GTA IV in case you were wondering):

*watches in HD*

It’s not the best trailer, not by a long way, but it still has me excited about playing GTA IV come April 29th! 😀

Final GTA IV Trailer


Metal Gear Saga Vol.2 + MGS4 Online Beta Code [Update]

I just picked mine up at my local Gamecrazy store. It has the online beta key inside, I haven’t tried it yet (stupid work). But this is what it looks like. Word is Gamestop will get it April 3rd or 4th. I’ll see you online in the Metal Gear Universe! 😀

Other Pics I took, sorry for the quality.

Metal Gear Online Site


If you listen to the latest Hideo Blog podcast (Session 085) and go to 7:10. It will explain how the beta work. Basically you download the Metal Gear Online Beta from the PlayStation Store and enter the code. Also they’ll be 2 maps in the MGO Beta.

The MGO Beta download will be available from April 17th to May 5th.
The MGO Gamplay is available from April 21st – May 5th.


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