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SOCOM Confrontation – September 16


SOCOM Confrontation is coming out on September 16th. I heard that it only has seven maps, so it better be a half price title!

1UP had this to say about the game:

To celebrate this news, tomorrow Sony will be launching, an online community site devoted to the game. Pre-release, the site will provide regular news updates as well as a place for fans to get together. Once the game has launched, gamers will discover full integration with the website, including near real-time stat tracking, clan management tools, and more.

SOCOM Confrontation Marching Out on September 16


Good Things about Wipeout HD got their slimy little hands on Wipeout HD and got to fly some tracks with it. And they like what they see!

There are a couple interesting aspects to the game you might not be familiar with if you haven’t been keeping up with the series on the PSP.

For example, the game contains magstrips. These pink sections of track “lock your craft in place so it doesn’t go flying into the air as you zoom through the elaborate track designs“. Sounds cool. You can also take pics and store them, and you can also listen to your own music.

But the coolest thing seems to be a race mode called zone mode. The goal is to survive as long as possible while your craft continuously increases in speed. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Gotta wonder if there’s any splitscreen support…

Wipeout HD Hands-on for PS3

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The Bourne Conspiracy gameplay videos

I like the movies. When I heard there was a game for it, I didn’t give it much thought. But now after watching these gameplay videos. I’m more interested now. Hand to hand fighting looks great, at least the finished moves do. Very practical and brutal, just how I like it.

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Baja Racing Game – 4 Player Split!

Here’s what may be a serious challenger to MotorStorm 2. It’s called Baja, and it’s from THQ.

The cool thing about this game? It supports four player splitscreen! Yay!

Another cool thing? In some races, you can combine several different classes of vehicles and make it a fair race by giving them different starting positions. So you can spend the whole race overtaking people, or trying to stay ahead of the fast pack behind your, or a combination. That sounds pretty sweet. Follow the link for a four page interview with THQ about Baja.

Baja Unveiled


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