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Resident Evil 5 Off-Screen Gameplay Video

There’s a special DVD being bundled with Japanese mag Famitsu this Friday celebrating 25 years of Capcom. On the DVD is footage of Resident Evil 5 being played by a member of the dev team, plus an interview with a producer on the game. Check out the action in the video below:

That looks superb!! I love the Resi games and Resi 5 will be a definite day one purchase for me and by the looks of that vid, the game will not disappoint. The lighting effects look amazing, especially the shadows when Chris moves in-doors.

Resident Evil 5 Off-Screen Gameplay Footage


Linger in Shadows: Real Time Video

Shame this isn’t in HD, but it still looks very impressive. I have no idea what this game is about. Maybe it’s just a huge tech demo.

Edit: Better Quality Version (Thanks iFlash)


PS3 Firmware 2.20 Video

Eric Lempel from SCEA talks about the new PS3 2.20 firmware update.

From Crackle: Firmware 2.20 demo

[via PS3Fanboy]


Bionic Commando: Rearmed


A complete remake of the old NES favorite Bionic Commando title is coming to PSN this May. This remake has a major graphics overhaul plus co-op and an assortment of other enhancements.

Here is a gameplay clip. You can see, the gameplay is still the same, and it’s a very traditional 2D platformer, but all the graphics have been 3D modeled.

The price is set at $10, which sounds like a great value.


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